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He's giving her a break?
Wow, he really DOES love her!
Well they ARE only minions, after all
Can't expect them to do their job properly.
Clearly she just wants an excuse
to jump in the pool!
A hair raising situaton!
...sorry. I had to do it.
At first I didn't realize
that it was a continuation of the same scene; I thought some time had passed.
Marital Dispute
I must confess, I got a little too motivated to support Dad here. Had to take a minute, step back from the computer, and cool off.
So in terms of Alice's development
It seems Dad ultimately "won" this argument. Does that explain why she burned down her old job though? I don't think so...
Unexpected Dad Anger!
An Air Rifle would be cool!
And so would a mech suit. :D
3 2 1 let's Jam!
Gramma probably woulda thought it was hilaaaaarious
Cheerful Deconstruction. Sounds like her.
"..against the Masses"
And there it is. Heroes are as bad as villains, villains are just honest about it.
"Aww, I was having fun juggling the weights..."
She's got an offer you can't refuse
And the difference between them and the villains is....nada.
she's gonna knock that phone out of his hand
in about 3 seconds

Heroes in the Government, no less. Suddenly I like Anguish a lot more.
El smacko
in the faceo
Anguish will find out
IF not today, then soon by some other means, as he's clever too. I'm scared...
Obvious mind control is obvious
Just saying
@Alexis_Royce I never even really thought about Anguish's background in that sense. To me he was just "evil rich guy".