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Life can get pretty chaotic, so check back for updates until I get a set schedule. Since I'm single as fu- ahem- I'll have more time to devote to the comic.
@moon so bright: Yes, she floats. I was hoping someone would notice. :D
@moon so bright: Thank you! I plan on having many more chibi moments.
@Dragonrider: In this world you can't turn someone on accident. So they can do whatever and be just fine. :)
Where am I?
You may all be wondering what's taking so long with chapter 2. Quite simply, I have too much on my plate. I've been busting my ass trying to pay all my bills, my brother's getting married, I'm still technically homeless and bumming off people's couches, and overall it's just been chaos. BUT! On the brightside, I have mostly prepped six pages into chapter 2 and am just waiting to get my desktop back to finish them up and post them. Thank you for your patience, we'll return to our sweet lesbians soon I swear.
I'm so tired, but I did it! I managed to start editing my pages on my tiny laptop. The lesbians will go on! :D
@sstogner1: I agree with this idea, although as a fellow creator I am also broke and couldn't contribute. T^T
@-@ I'm so tired.
So I have to move AGAIN, at the end of this month. Hopefully I get into a year long lease so I can actually settle in and get caught up on my comic. Bleh. Well, at least we have concluded chapter one! Hooray!!!
Updates will be every other Tuesday until I get a better work schedule. :) We're almost done with the chapter.
It's up!
Some slight adjustments are going to be made with the designs, so don't worry if you see something change.
I forgot to finish this.... oops. Better late than never I guess.
@Dragonrider: Feels good to be back! :)
Have you ever felt like you're being unfair to your characters? I feel that about Davina. Haha!
@MarioKong: You actually made me chuckle a bit. XD she's throwing a needle.
Yes, good boy. Read those words.
I'm back!
I've found some temporary living quarters and I'm all set up to continue the story. There may be another hiatus around June, but I'll try to get a buffer set up by then so there aren't any more interruptions.

December 20th, 2017
Your characters are so cute!!
@Dragonrider: Read the latest news post.
@Dragonrider: Hmm sounds like you should check again this Saturday. ;)