Life can get pretty chaotic, so check back for updates until I get a set schedule. Since I'm single as fu- ahem- I'll have more time to devote to the comic.
This is amazing. Definitely a story I'd buy a copy of in a bookstore.
@fellow: I've never seen Ranma 1/2 but I'll take your word for it! :)
Clearly, Muhjah is the dominant vampire. XD
I'm kind of hoping for the Wes route too. Having Kim interrupt would be surprising to everyone at the table.
Ah my goodness! You're back! We're always happy to see you. I'm super curious about the glowy blade, and I eagerly await your next update.
@EdElLee: Well, you can, but I don't think your hands could handle the job. 😂
-heavy sigh-
It looks like this process is going to take a lot longer than I thought. Please excuse me while I sort out real life and all its bullshittery. In the meantime, I commissioned the lovely gabinggalmot534 to sketch Davina so you have something pretty to look at. If you'd like to check her out or hire her yourself, just follow the link:

Thank you all for your patience.
Moving time
So since I'm moving this next week there will not be a page up until July. Don't worry, I'm taking this time to sketch out the next few chapters so it won't be a total bummer. :) The reason for this is that I need to move my computer first and it will be in storage while I get situated. I'll think of a super special treat for you all in my absence, maybe some sketches of Muhjah and Davina? Let me know what you'd like to see.
I made it! God I'm so exhausted. I'm getting ready to move here soon so I'll try to get some pages up in advance to avoid a lapse in updates. :) Thanks for sticking with me.
Cover page! Let me know what you think!
Sorry no color for now. This new sleep schedule has me messed up. Dx I'll try to finish coloring it before I go to work later tonight, but if not I'll definitely have it fixed by Tuesday. Love you all! Smooches!

EDIT: Alright the color page is now up! With my current schedule, I'm only able to put up two colored pages a month. Otherwise, I can do four to five lined pages. Which would you guys prefer? Do you want to keep the color?
You can't cheat the nude room like that, that's against the rules. XD
Oh dear, I hope she gets plenty of rest. This guest art is very beautiful I almost thought it was yours. XD
@Philosophyia: That is also true. XD
Quick! What's Muhjah going to say next?? Any ideas? Or maybe Davina will speak, who knows?
Ugh. Thank goodness this is the last all white page. I was beginning to get annoyed with it.

Also, originally I was going to showcase Muhjah's wings here, but I decided that she wouldn't begin combat with those flopping around. Don't worry, you'll definitely get to see her wings later on.
This doesn't bode well. XD And I hate being that person, but there's a couple errors in the text.


Keep up the good work!
@Almightyra: Davina doesn't have the best judgement.
@chinsuru: Oh shit indeed. XD
@chinsuru: Thank you! I shall! ^u^