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Life can get pretty chaotic, so check back for updates until I get a set schedule. Since I'm single as fu- ahem- I'll have more time to devote to the comic.
@Dragonrider: Read the latest news post.
@Dragonrider: Hmm sounds like you should check again this Saturday. ;)
November 15th, 2017
The realism here is too painful...
October 23rd, 2017
Aw shit, I missed the deadline. Dx Beautiful page btw.
@redrambl: Perfect! I'll get started on it. :)
I want to participate, but I work during the live raffle. Dx Can I still submit even if I'll miss it?
@di-chan: Thank you! It's going to be very gay. ;)
@R.O.-bot: "No shit Sherlock" XD
Oh shit. He really is going in solo.
Launch week
I've finished designing and writing this story, so it's time to get this party started! :)
September 10th, 2017
You have some really gorgeous linework. Please continue the story if you could.
Badass Kipu, just what I wanted. <3
September 4th, 2017
Oooooooh~ I like your style. Please sir can I have some more? <3 <3
That's the perfect weapon for Joan considering she influences reality so easily. :)
Made it!!
Would you believe that I've done 12-14 hours of overtime every week for nearly a month?? I sure don't, but I can now afford a new tablet with my next paycheck. -tired fistpump-

Anyway, colored page will be update later this week.... or today. It depends on if I can sleep now. Enjoy!
This is amazing. Definitely a story I'd buy a copy of in a bookstore.
@fellow: I've never seen Ranma 1/2 but I'll take your word for it! :)
Clearly, Muhjah is the dominant vampire. XD
I'm kind of hoping for the Wes route too. Having Kim interrupt would be surprising to everyone at the table.
Ah my goodness! You're back! We're always happy to see you. I'm super curious about the glowy blade, and I eagerly await your next update.