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@MISA-CHAN3713: It's because you're not 18+ >3> !
@HoshikoHimesama: Thank you, ahah, yes, I'll definitely make others ^_^
@namliveD: You're welcome, thank you for commenting all this time ^o^ !
@Quadrant: My friend!

I have other projects coming up, but they don't have shark fins.
I think that this chapter is the last of the saga.

--But someday I may draw some hentai featuring Toshio and a female 'Ehukai.
Not sure if you want to read it, but I'll keep you guys updated over my facebook account, in case->
--And it's over.

My friends, I hope that you had fun as I did while imagining the adventures of these sharky guys (I confess you that DRAWING them was much less fun x'DD), and I hope that you're satisfied with the conclusion of both these two short one shots ^_^

Now, I'm off to take care of other projects, which I hope you'll keep your eyes on over my Facebook page ->

Thank you for your comments, your supportive words, your encouragements and blahblah.
Without you, I wouldn't have been able to put the words "The End" on this :3

It's been fun ^_^

*goes back to build gunplas*

PS: Oh-Oooh, I forgot! I wrote a post on my blog about sharks, mermaids and other inspirations that I used for compiling the adventures of the sharks :3
If you wanna take a peek at it (and comment over it!) you can read it here ->
--Thank you!
Sorry for the late delivery guys, but here you go!

--Next page is the last one!
We're almost over ;o; !!!
--And this is all for today's update ;D !
See you tomorrow for the conclusion!

A third page is coming, too ^_^
Sorry, the release will be a bit slow but-- You'll get 3 pages of happy porn, so look forward to it!

--As you see Umino is getting used to his new role in his relationship with Ano'i XD

See you in a bit for the next page ^_^ !
Page 2/2 of today's update :D

*still checking out your reactions--*
Page 1/2 of today's update :D

*enjoys your reaction*
Unfortunately today I have only one page to offer you ToT

I got busy with other tasks and my head is hurting, so this is the most I can do for today T3T
But tomorrow I'll do my best to give you more pages than usual, so look forward to it!
@Gabriel Grey: Yes, and letting them together will be easier than you think-- Leave it to me, ahahah x'D
@Gabriel Grey: --But Ano'i slept with his uncle, of all people! The uncle he can't stand x'DDD
I think that, mean behaviour apart, he has all the reasons to be pissed at cute Ano'i!
@Gabriel Grey: It never happened to you to react like this when someone hurted you, even unconsciously? The first thing you do is hurt them back!
I think it's a normal reaction, even if not very legitimate ^_^; ! Umino is still a confused teen, not a mature adult, so such behaviour is expected-- I think.
@namliveD: They didn't actually break-up, but 'Ehukai occasionally leaves to search for other partners when he's in female form. When sharks are in heat they are in heat XD
@Guest: That's true! --That's why I'm making him suffer now, LOLOL XD --But that doesn't make him a wimp :3 He's just realizing his true feelings ;3; ! ...Maybe XD
@Gabriel Grey: --But poor Umino was confused and bitter back then D':
@Guest: But Keani is bitchy, not really threatening-- I think this part of Ano'i's personality is borrowed by 'Ehukai XD !
@Quadrant: You're right, to be really traumatizing he had to look LOWER on Ano'i's body XD