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sido uchiha
I play yugioh

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    Sido Ritsu
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2 months of absence because of a online game. -_-
Anyways an update is an update.
Folow-up note
I start school tomorrow.
Finally got an update up. Mostly been playing KCVDs which is basically playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Online.
More staking out
Are you still gonna do this persona series?
I also Need a Light King/Queen. I know, I know i'm bad at planning.
great. I was actually gonna pm you about this but this is better.
no, the person would just have mastery over Thunder and Earth(later) no costume need.
Well there goes one person. Anyways if you didn't read the last post, I am get insanely popular around here. JK ^_^. But for my comic I need someone who can take the place as Thunder King/Queen and then, later become earth King/Queen.
Nice way to start off my character's intro.
NIe work so far. The sprites look awesome. ^_^
Wanted King/Queen
Hey there. For my comic, I need someone to be the Thunder King/Queen, then transfer to Earth King/Queen. Sonic Advance style required. If you have another type of style that's close to it, Pm me and, I will look at them and decide to approve them or not.
yeah thats totally what happened
Death then demons...what else
Pretty Quick battle between the two. The last Panel flips on purpose :)