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Hello, I am seventeen and I plan to be an artist- hopefully an animator, although I'm beginning to worry my skills are not getting good enough fast enough.

I have never had any schooling, I am completely self taught. I began with lots of tracing from those 'how to draw' books and soon began to draw without the book. I still turn for their reference from time to time- but I mostly draw what is on my mind. And a fun fact for you, the expression on my character usually matches mine while I draw them. . . so sometimes my mom asks why my eyes look so big when I draw.
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I seriously know how she feels with the cell phone... but I don't get razzed around for it anymore... XD
It looks fine, I wouldn't do reduxes

People get into this terrible loop of only doing reduxes and people die of cliff hangers left hanging for fifty years. (Believe me, I'm responsible for murdering people with this method.)

Awwww They could shout, 'JAKE LIKES YOU' and she still wouldn't get it.

It's so weird! She literally thinks like a little child!! :o She is cute though... it just seem weird for her to not pick up on teenage signals like that at her age.(Not just the not knowing Jake likes her, but you know when Melanie said she didn't want to be around her anymore sure it would hurt an average teen but it wouldn't be so shocking.)
Waaaahhh nothing terribly juicy! D:

Oh well. . . .

Hahaha. . . both my brother and I saw your 'Learning Calculus is Easy!' book and we both had a laugh... My brother took Calculus and he knows it's not easy- he even majors in physics in college. D:

I waaaaaaaaaaaaaant moooaaar

I'm a glutton for epic comic books... :3


I just wanted to add- I kind of feel Kay's problem. I'm practically dirt poor(we may loose the house), I kind of get this feeling that I'm not going to get married(because I can't imagine someone liking me like that. I'm seventeen and never been kissed. I'm not terribly ugly Foo!), I have to work extra hard, aand I'm a bit of a glutton for chick flicks. . . :3
Hit Zak again! Hit him! hit him!! :D

I hope we never see him again!! :p

Oohh Kai is going to be so angry unlesss Liana manages to keep it a secret!!!
@korrected Gee I dunno normally he's the type of guy I'd like. . . I guess I'll just have to read more to find out.
It's weird- maybe he's just too nice and I seem to expect he's got something up his sleeve.


Hmmm now that we've gotten into the cousin thing I want to know more. I bet if she finds out what is wrong between the two of them Tyler will either treat her like crap(More than ever) or ignore her completely. Ooor she'll have leverage against Tyler and will have blackmail against him!
I just sat down and read your whole comic from page one. It's almost midnight but I've been laughing so hard. The art is fantastic and the story is very interesting.

I'm ashamed to say it, but I think that Tyler/Kay might become a really cute couple. . . Kevin annoys me a little..(Isn't that insane?? He's the only one who is nice to her!!)

But it's really good so far.

@BlackCatz Hmmm I think there might be something deeper there- Kevin doesn't seem to be the money obsessive type...

Well- I think it has something to do how Tyler walks over everybody. :3 But that may be too obvious(Obvious plot thingies usually are off)
I love how calmly he just hit him and told everyone off. . . .

Like duh... you're being stupid... you should know better.

I am confused with where the plot is going now- it's like. . . I dunno the epic is he going to kill me is gone. . . I'll just have to wait and see.
Hit him a'gin!!

I hope Kai punches him in the face.
I'm crying- because it's OVER!!!


It was really pretty and I'm glad you finished it. . it just felt like it was over too soon. . .;-; I guess that's what a short is supposed to be. . . short. . .

Urrggguuhh I really wish I had money I would seriously buy this. I'm not one of those people who have money but say they don't because they want to be polite or whatever- I SERIOUSLY have no money and I doubt I will for a while. . .

So I give you an internet hug and a pat on the back for doing so well!
Kaylee is probably crying...

That or she is forcing a smile but he can tell it's fake and then she'll burst out crying or get a little snappy.
Wow. . um..
They should all just say, "Okies then- bye bye!!"

and just leave him.


It's too pretty to be so short!! D:

D: I want to see what he sayz. . . .
I'm irked
Listen kid, it's not that YOU are unimportant, it's that HE is way to immature for you and you seriously fell for him way to fast to expect anything lasting.

You were right not to kiss him, just think of all the other girls he's been frenching. Seriously, he's not worth the pain, you've only known him for a few days.
He finally makes a move and wham!
They are so cute! Haha, can't wait for more!
She's different because she's comfortable around you!! She thinks you're as comfy as she is!!

Gee just walk down memory lane with her and stop thinking of her like she was a stranger!! You foo'! :3
I knew he was bad news! :P

Good thing they didn't get in too deep before She found out!!!


I say Aito deserves the right to deck him!
Argh!! Can you not get this feeling Zak is bad news? I've had it since they met and it's been killing me. D: