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    Yuwill Nevano~~ 8D
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Updated the other pages. Hopefully it's better now. @@" This page feels so empty...
LOL I told myself I wouldn't be late, but here I am uploading this on a Wednesday. Sorry about this!

I swore I uploaded yesterday, but then I checked and I didn't. So I took this chance to fix something that has been bothering me with exporting out of Manga Studio.

I may have to go back and fix up the previous pages as well due to this glitch... *sigh*
@Hiwatari: lol The chosen King will have no name! >8D Their name is the Kingdom itself! Muahahaha!
@Hiwatari: Yeah! lol I made it so that El was their given title for being citizens of the Elstein Empire. So if Leena were to formally introduce herself, she would say her name is Elleena in order to identify her citizenship. But since Leena and Orn are close, they address each other informally. I apologize if it turned out kind of weird. @@" If this concept is too out of the blue, I am willing to change it back. *fail*
I'm trying to keep a schedule---but we'll see how it goes...

@Hiwatari Sorry for the wait--! ;_;

@Abrahamian Thank you! 8D
I haven't played with font and sound effects for so long... So forgive me if the words looks stiff and harsh to the eyes!

And look at that freelance background. Isn't it beautiful? *stares at crooked wall in certain panel*
Just a filler~. Hope you guys enjoy my rendition of this manga!
Wow... I'm actually updating~~.

Beware of my horrible cleaning. My pages look like poop.
I just realized how long Naoki's legs are... *_*
Yay! New page~~! <333

You's not a terrible person! D8> *glomps*
I don't know if it was a mistake or not, but down in the fourth bubble, did you mean "And your men were the ones who asked for it..," not "...we're the one who asked for it"?

I'm a fail grammar student so if I'm wrong, ignore me. ;u;b
=v=a" It seems I will not be able to draw the next page... If anyone wants to draw the next page--go ahead~~. 8D
Randomness~! 8D
I got permission from Gellie to draw the next page. =v=b

Being as random as possible! 8D I noticed that I enjoy drawing scary faces that are not funny. ;A;b

I'm experimenting with a lot of different things right now so my pages may look like a mesh of stuff. ovo;; No matter! I know my inking was horrible. XD; *stares at Isabella's and Kai's hair.


- Superman

P.S. If no one wants to draw I will draw the next page. XD *throws popcorn at author and artists*
Okie, so then Bella has confirmed that she will not be doing the next page. Gelosut9 will be completing the next page~

- AD
XD Everyone is adorable! They must have been cutified without me knowing. ;w;

- AD
XDDDD LOL Dis is too EPIC!!! Great job Re!
Somehow, my favorite character is Verdoice--even though he's been "ignored for the last two pages". XDDD
Cute! >w<
*throws tomato at Kai but misses*
8DDDDDD @Verdolce