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I'll be honest, I'm quite looking forward to the final boss battle :D I love how you depicted Ganondorf's personality though(I don't know why I didn't say this earlier), along with the personalities of the rest of the characters. They're fabulous ^_^
If you do continue your comic, I wish you the best of luck! If you choose not to, it's completely understandable as well, and I hope that whatever is weighing you down will lighten up :)
*puts on a trenchcoat and fedora* returning to the scene of the crime, eh? Nah, don't bother with your excuses. Officer? take them away!
i really like the new layout! mostly because it looks clean and it's centered, lol. it's really nice though :) wonderful comics, as usual! :D and yet you never cease to put a smile on my face when i read these :D
i read for the awesomeness
that is your art and stories and characters and a bunch of other things that i can't really describe lol
omg, you filled this out?
lol, it seems like it was a good idea to make the template XD i love it! XD
this is probably the only interpretation of "hades is evil" (or partially evil) that i actually really like. XD
not the hair! NOT the HAIR! D:
woohoo! ^_^ i've also noticed a lot of improvement in the art itself :D great job! :D
luckily this time the princesses are in the right castle XD *shot*
i think i'll be shot for saying this, but suddenly those arm bracers remind me of yugioh duel disk.... >_>
wow, the 1st panel makes him look really good! :D keep it up! ^_^
i like the last two panels best. the last panel has a perspective that i haven't seen as much of in your webcomic, and it's really refreshing. personally, i see it as a wonderful step towards improvement. ^_^
the panel before it is just... cute :D his expression and the glasses tilted at that angle very well captures his emotions at that moment. :D

wonderful job! i look forward to future installments! :D
sheiiikkkkkaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! 8D 8D 8D 8D

... no, i'm not obsessive about sheikah. what made you think that? >_>
i really like how well everything came out, the shading's so smooth now ^_^ wonderful job! :D
woohoo! you came out with another page, that's great! :D
personally, i really liked skull kids in oot, but it was the skull kid from mm that really annoyed me. personally, i prefer these versions of the skull kids over the tp ones, but then again, i prefer anything oot over tp... ^^;

great job getting another page up! link came out really well in the 2nd panel, and mario looks really good in the 3rd one. you've made such an amazing improvement since this started, it's amazing. great job, and good luck!
y'know, i feel kinda guilty for forgetting about these guys.... >_> at least i get re-suprised from their cool character designs :D (if that made any sense >_> lol ) keep it up! ^_^
personally, i'm hoping for more zelda characters, but either way, i look forward to the future pages :D great job so far! your persistance is amazing, and i wish you luck with future pages!
what makes me feel kind of sad is that i made the same mistake as those two did... ^^;
August 19th, 2010
i love the paneling, it's so cool! :D great job, i look forward to future updates! :D