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Well, I like to draw and really like comics.
I don't try to hold myself to one "concept" of art, and so, I try to draw from dark, gore etc, to lovely, peacefully and etc, xD.
I work in a office now and this is the place where I get to draw and make my things.
I don't have a hobbie at all, but I like to play videogames (mainly RPGs) and watch movies.
I think this is ok for now.
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I can't wait to see the chapter 3!
Well, when I knew about the infiltration I thought that someone was going as a woman! xD
Can't wait for that!
Really good!
So good to be retired then come back and have lots of new things! xD
That's it Ringo! You defeated a giant!!! I don't know how the story goes, but I think that Ringo should loose, xD.
Ringo is just awesome in this page!!!
Can't wait to see Anko in action! Why you're doing this to me! xD
PS.: Anko angle on the 3rd pannel is just awesome!
Wow, why that stop!?
Don't kill me like that! T.T
Ok, good luck with the publishing! And you're so lucky to work with it! ^^
Can't wait to see Anko in action! I'm dying for the next 5 pages! But take your time! ^^ Hurry is enemy of the perfection! (Well, that's how we say here in Brazil, xD)
I wanna see it!
(I saw boobs! SO it is a woman, right?)
Plz, hurry! xD
By the way, great so far!
As you can see, I can't wait for the rest! xD
Cool page!
I liked it, it seems that he will make to the finals!!!
But I would love so much to see then knife enemç fight! (I love knifes!)(ps: I'm no psycho, xD)
The new guy is amazing!
And the best, he fight with knifes! (at least looks like, xD)
His clothes are really cool too!
Seeing your dango really inspire me to make my own comic!
And can't wait to see the next one.
Ringo got angry!
Can't wait to see this fight!
I saw a ninja! xD