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Nothing that's really out of the ordinary c: I've drawn all my life so far and hope to continue into the future.
I think being a graphic novelist would be the best career ever - but seeing as it's almost everyone here's dream, I'll hapily settle for an art teacher. C:

Currently doing my second last year of highschool, then it's off to university! In the meantime I have many a comic idea, which I will produce one after the other.
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February 12th, 2010
I think he was being a bit bashful cx
LKalksjf, as bad as I feel for Alice, I'm glad that she has presented this opportunity for Chloe~ XDD
Forgot to check SmackJeeves for a while, but it was worth it for having like four pages to read :D
Loving this so much CX I'm SO curious as to what's going on with Kaaaate.
The running scene is fantastic cx I'm looking forward to the next page!
I love the shadowy gropers cx
Gasp! What's gonna happen in the cemetryyy!
February 5th, 2010
I sure hope it's who I think it is... BD
Gah, blood! Nooo! Cliffhanger! XDD
Looking forward to the next page :D
(Ah, and it's no prob, I'm ashamed I fell behind in the first place cx )
February 1st, 2010
To add to the country poll, I'm another one from Melbourne, Australia cx
Also, I love your comic very much <3 I comment sometimes but... there's a lot of us who do cx
You're doing a fantastic job n__n I hope you're proud of your work!
Ah, this is a really cool picture c: I love your colouring style.
Also, always meant to say, I really like your avatar c: The shading is awesome and really dramatic n__n
January 26th, 2010
FINALLY had the chance to catch up!
Actually, I just went from the start again cx
Kita's back! But Lock's also on the way, yeah? :3
I love your colouring skills c:
January 19th, 2010
Don't worry about the slow updates, it's really cool that you've started updating again anyway! C:

Eeeh, he's so unromantic cx I love his "i'm such a hero"-like expression XD
January 15th, 2010
Homigosh, such cute frolicking! XDD

Ahh, I'm sad to hear about the update change, but I always thought it was kind of amazing you could get four done in a week cx So no worries!
Desert planet... second moon... CX

LOVE that first panel, and the last three two c: Your expressions are my favourite part of your drawings n__n
January 9th, 2010
He looks like my mum 8D

Arrrgh, the suspense! Maybe if we KILL the witch sister... :D
That second panel is way cool c:
January 2nd, 2010
Homigoshhh, I love these guys so much. Are you cool with fanarts? I think I'm going to have to draw you some >__< If that's okay.
Yay for more updaates!
:< But there's NOTHING better than presents... cx
This is such an awesome page c: I love the glow around her, and that entire last section is wonderful.
I love the entire page, actually cx
December 29th, 2009
Oh gosh, this comic is so good. I love your art and your characters and your storyyy! You're brilliant!
I'm definately looking forward to more C:
December 28th, 2009
HOMIGOSHHHHH, Ian, you were so cool just now <3
And now there's a LOOMING feeling~~
Great chapter c:
December 28th, 2009
Can I ask, did you use photoshop to screentoneify that cover? Like, changing the modes and stuff? It looks really cool c:

And I don't think the quality has gone down a single bit. I'm really enjoying the comic. It began great, and if anything, it's only been getting better :D
Ahh! Looks like something super interesting is happening! I'm excited :D
I love Fleur, she's insane cx

Merry Christmas to you too, congratulations on getting a tablet C:
December 27th, 2009
Last page!
That's it, this is the end of the comic!
Crappy end, but hey <__<;;

Thank you to everyone who read, it really made my day when I came home to find comments and all that C:

Also, just to advertise some more, my next comic project is here:
Thanks to those who've already subscribed to it! &#9829;

@Bubblesita: Oh no! What was killing you?!
Ahh, thank you, it's no problem cx &#9829;
Love you too! :D
December 9th, 2009
Blaine's attempt: FOILED!
Go Ian! I love youuuu cx