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Occupation: PhD candidate
Interests: Pop-culture, drawing, writing, costumes
Favourite series: Battlestar Galactica
Favourite movies: Emperor's New Groove, Repo! The Genetic Opera; Amelie
Favourite musician: Amanda Palmer
Favourite music: Musical, ambient, alternative
Favourite art styles: Surreal, psychedelic, magic realism
Favourite books: The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Everything is Illuminated, The World according to Garp
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Last page of this chapter. Sadly, due to various circumstances Curtain Call is on hiatus until september. This has to do with my job demanding more time and energy the coming months. Though my creativity has not failed me yet, I do want to engage in more writing projects the nexts months and feel less inspired to continue the webcomic. In September I will make a decision as to whether or not put a hold to Curtain Call indefinitely. There's nearly 250 pages now and some sort of an ending and maybe that's okay for this kind of a webcomic. But we'll see. The decision depends how much I will miss CC these months. ^_^
Aw, thanks for the sweet comments everyone! I also like how that panel turned out.

Let's see... Charade makes a shocking discovery on this page... Namely, that he kind of sucks at being a hero. XD
Wanted to have this one done on Valentine and I failed a bit. XD

Enjoy! <3 (Two more pages to go... maybe three. ^_^)
Tiring week, nearly at the end of the chapter, enjoy. ^_^
Had this page finished since three days and then I realized, I hadn't uploaded it. XD

@Meowzy, pu-dum-ching. XD
Telekinesis on the bridge (or one of the iron bars at least). Hope it's clear! It's interesting that Mirage takes the time to ramble instead of uhmmm... taking on a more proactive stance?
@meowzy; it's supposed to be the same painting but gosh, I could've done a better panelling there, you are right. I should've drawn it coming out of the van or whatever. HM.

So here's an early update due to a somewhat busy week and also, took some time to make this page because of my older scanner (got rid off my bigger one only to find out that my compact old one doesn't work on Windows 7. At all). Anyway, enjoy, and hopefully there aren't many frustrated errors in this one. ^^;

Oh, also, I'm still in dubio about what to do with the webcomic when this chapter is over. (Get a hiatus? Stop working on it permanently? Any thoughts would be appreciated. I want more energy and love for some of my other projects for some time at least but I'd like some views before I put this on a hold.)
Aw. Tight situation at hand here! Had fun drawing Manny on Splen's hand again, it was rather awkward when he was just lying on that roof top the last couple of pages. Anyway, this one was made while watching Ab Fab and a show by Ricky Gervais. Fun! :)
Merry Christmas everyone. <3 (Belated, I know!) I'm having a chaotic, short vacation. Lots of visits to family and friends. Soon it'll be new year's eve again, I hope your 2011 was awesome! Updates are slightly irregular, I apologize. Enjoy!
All I have to say is, yes, I was indeed too lazy to design a driver character for one panel. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. XD
Whoot new page! ^_^ Bit difficult to keep one page a week going at the moment, but I'm trying. Watching Popular while drawing this helps and catching up with Dexter (the new season misses some cool opportunities I think but EJO makes it bearable.)
Sorry for the slow updates. Zelda SS is out. Btw, there's a lot I detest about it, like the complete absence of fun towns to hang out in and places to chill and the pressure of constantly dungeoneering when you're not in a dungeon, but the wii-motion and a neat portrayal of Link and Impa make up for it a bit.) Anyway, work is also busy-busy in November/December, you know the drill. And I'm in a depressive hole since the Darkwing Duck graphic novel ended and this was like, such an emotional investment for me and a source of fannish energy every month. I discovered some new awesome things like Breaking Bad but I still miss invesitng in something... like, on a fan level. Glee basically leaves me untocuhed this season so there's not much left atm.

Woah, long comment. Thanks for bearing with me and thanks for all the encouragement, everyone! :D
And then I realized, why insert some more Manny rambling when it's clear that the telekinesis influences the puppets in new romantic ways. So there.

Next page, we'll start wondering what happened to that painting and Splen's assignment. Because we were still in a main plot here involving contracts with Mirage and so on. Did Splen complete her mission yet? Let's find out! (And let's find out after I'm back from Sweden which is where I'm heading for work next week).

(Woah random; I'm watching Cloudy with Meat Balls now and it's actually quite good.)
Thanks for the comments everyone! And, another page done, while watching a lot of Popular. (Everyone who is a fan of Glee should rewatch this gem.)

The last panel is one of those were Manny seems pretty autonomous but if you bear in mind that he's lying around somewhere on the roof too and that Splen is using him as a diversion again to not get intimate, it's kinda... sad. XD But... it's good that Manny tells them to keep an eye on the puppets. And you'll find out why next page. <3
New page. Life's busy busy but I loved making this. Ship.

Also, check out the new OpenMinded publication on Greek mythology - ( - I published a Cassandra comic in it. :)
New page. Approaching the end of the chapter and a hiatus of the webcomic. Work and other activities are my priority at the moment and I kind of want to get back to some new creative projects. We'll see what happens to Curtain Call but at least there'll be a break after this.

@Meowzy; Your guesses make so much sense I even have to adapt the script to them. XD
New page. <3 Should've worked on my Delenn cosplay but heh, here we go.

@Meowzy: we'll see! XD Let's build some tension first.
There you go, the new weekly page. Things are heating up. I guess they're completing bypassing any remarks about illusions and whatnot right now but a la... we need some pacing here too.
Magic bracelets of doom, brrr! Enjoy!
Enjoy! <3

Yay, next page we can get out of the mind trip again. It's been a nice drawing expeirence though.