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Hey this is Kuger. I am just using my Harmony based character, a continent I made up in my own world called Harth.
Likes: Sprite Comics, video games, zombies, blood, and gore.
Dislikes: Spammers, flammers, and overused internet fads.
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Sorry dude my account is now located at Kuger.
@Eternal Cry
So I have to go back on all of the issues, take some time and not possibly find it? How I am supposed to know to PM you guys when you don't clarify it? If you don't make things blantly obvious when it comes to such things it will only cause trouble for each person who tries to have their questions answered. Notifying that you want people to PM you about the questions would be more noticable if you put it up on the Comic's description in the first place. It is just asking too much on the reader and just draws readers away to ask them to do such things, when such things could be taken care of in the first place.

Not my fault if you guys have email notifications of my comments on this comic. Either you get rid of the email notification or just plain out tell me "we will put it in the comic description itself" instead of just beating around the bush.
@Jake E. Fisher
Then why didn't anyone have something up on the comic's website telling me that? Or simply someone tell me that? Would have saved a whole bunch of trouble. I thought I had to write a comment to get the question noticed, not write a PM.
@Eternal Cry
How am I spamming? ZManWarrior told me to rephrase the question therefore I did, if you really want to type about it send me a pm and we can type all day about it.
Read porn? I just wanted the question answered. (no harsh meanings behind this words intended.) But yeah most men fight for their porn. >:)
Alright here we go. If the wife in a relationship is allowed to do whatever she wants to her body without his say, then shouldn't he be able to do that as well? If one person becomes selfish and makes marriage only about themselves shouldn't the other spouse have the freedom to do that as well?
That is what I am saying though I just want to ask anybody who is willing to answer the question such as yourself. As for the topic of the religion thing I can't find your comic about the topic.

@Zmanwarrior But this isn't an argument, but a debate. I just want to know why someone said it wasn't fit for this comic and just wanted my question answered. That is all.
You guys already pushed the line over death and religion why should this make any difference? If anything it draws more readers in to learn what your characters think about these issues, therefore it helps them understand and like the character more about the situation. The reason I said that we allow Yaoi and Hentai on here, is because the majority doesn't really mind this stuff. So therefore just talking about it is nothing compared to seeing it. You guys could answer the questions without having to put up pictures of the content. Just let me understand what your characters think about the subject, that is what I am here for anyway. If you don't want to do it, that is ok, nobody is pressuring you to do so, but because nobody was offended by the topics of Religion or the afterlife, killing family counts as well, why be offended by this certain topic?
But in real life we deal with pornography and sex, which is what characters with real personalities have. They actually believe about situations that we believe, that is what makes them so complex, so interesting. The more we give characters inputs on situations the more they are open to feel to other characters. I mean we allow Yaoi, which is basically soft sex pornography and sex. Hell we even have some hentai up here and nobody is thinking of taking it down.
What about the other questions?
The belief that an after life exists. Talking about religion nowadays actually is supposedly to cause more shit to fly rather than sexual ideas. It is a good question though, it does help us understand people's characters more. The only reason it would cause shit to fly is because of people being too sensitive, but because nobody found the religion question offensive, then they should not find this question offensive at all for whatever reason.
@Jake E. Fisher
But this does help with character development. It gives them a tough question which will help people determine how they are in a relationship and what their beliefs are. Therefore it does help with character development. Because it gives us an understanding of the different situations that the character thinks about.
@Jake E. Fisher
Well shouldn't you guys have a topic on this comic explaining that? I thought the readers would ask the questions and the authors of this comic would answer them.
Got a question
Does a wife have the right to deny her husband sex then get mad at him for looking at porn? If so then why is he selfish when she denies the other the right to his body. Marriage includes giving your body to the other, so what is your take on this?
Very bad pun on Shades Guy.
Awesome comic man.
Ask them why they are lined up at the door.
Because of the very lightly shaded gray it is hard to tell when the sprite shows skin (fur in this case) around the mid section. Try using a little darker outline.
The blue, black and yellow positions on this character don't go very well, first the star is too big and looks like it is out of proportion with the shirt.
Agrees with Mist
The shading on the girl's pants don't seem to fit together, looks like the sun is shining in different directions.
Is that a hair extension on top of her head? (the rabbit top right) If so, then you need to take away the blackest shades from her to make it look like the hair is coming from her head, right now her hair looks like it is glued on.
Lightest shade.
I think all you have to do is take out the lightest shade on all of the shading parts, otherwise good sprite.