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A person who is always sleepy. =A=
Goes all 'MOE!~~' when sees cats.
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January 28th, 2010
miss Aerith makes her appearence~
January 28th, 2010
Ahh sorry for not updating for a long time, I finally finished sketching pages of the chapter, whew.
January 9th, 2010
Welcome back, I'm glad the comic updating again~
It's quite cold and cloudy here. With looots of snow.
January 7th, 2010
Elyon is trying to remember something plot-related =รง=
Thank you very much!!
December 21st, 2009
First page~
Meet Elyon and Ryuu, the main characters aside from Anri and Kyo[they will appear somewhere later].
The prologue was sort of flashback/dream, so now it's present day, present time.
Uwaah, thank you! ;w;
December 21st, 2009
Oh, thank you for telling about education system! I was always confused with it, since in Estonia it's a bit different ;w;
lol @ June and her sudden change of face xD
I love the new design of the site btw~~ chibis, so cute <3
Moar pages, yay! :D
Haru is so desperate, lol. But it's so cute <3
I love you already for updating so fast~
Cover in colour featuring main characters~
Took me some time to do it =^=
So, [mono]chrome launches~
December 5th, 2009
Ahhh, Liam, why so moe? =v=
Such a cute extra.
I read White Noise as you suggested, and totally loved it, tee hee. <3
November 7th, 2009
Yay, an update! I love this comic so much, great job~
Alice looks so pretty on this page.
I love the way you update - so fast.
Still, don't force yourself and update when you can :3
Yay, a new cute page! Haru's mom is just fabulous~
Hoping that it's nothing serious with your health and you'll get well asap. ;w;
September 17th, 2009
Lol, Haru totally pwns xD
His face at the last panel reminded me of invader Zim's, so much win~
Your comic is love. <3