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...working on re-updating this, as this account's older than 3 years now. Still better with writing and RP, so I CAN offer comic text proofreading services if you like, just message/PM me as my email service is shit~
Skype: Joshman14487/<name><The><first letter of species>
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...wait...did Murphy's Law just actually HELP for once?
well, i read the whole thing, and i think i understand the whole idea behind the plot...but is there a specific reason you never mentioned anything about the cameos you've had?
...yet another reason why Sonic 06 gives me headaches, are we going to use mario style physics, and kick the anchor (an unreasonably long distance) at them?
...I vote for Demon...since aside from the concept, i like that sprite
*has a strange feeling that Fleur is a Floatzel...*
...oh, i remember that...
Yes, this is the entire list of the characters I have made (as well as those my brother made), plus a few which are exclusive to dA RPs...which explains why i've been neglecting this comic. The only characters missing here are Wechnia (because i couldn't find any good Advance sprites), and the two in the lower left that i haven't gotten/made any sprites of yet. And Silver is there because of the huge-a** story/self-RP i made, which if i'm lucky i'll be able to find where i can post it.

And, All Sprites Are Credited To Their Original Makers/Rippers in one way or another (because of the Base chars me and my bro used to make some of these, or the direct sprites)

The Soahc Gems (which, besides the name is pretty obvious to see) are in a character's box to show that that character has compatibility for that element/Gem...just so you know
...spell checker doesn't come up with Sonia unless you've added it to the dictionary at some point

Edit: this may not be true in certain cases...though, i'm not exactly sure how this would happen
...the one author here that uses exclusively recolored sprites isn't on his account enough to make i need to prioritize better
is it the blimp, or is it something else entirely?
In a world...where this comic has an actual a world where i actually use my account on here, isn't it?
...i bet this advertisement would get more attention if people could actually see it
the only think that isn't suprising about this is that Luigi is crying...again
...i'll still be able to cameo, right?
happy birthday (and sorry for late comment)
...crap...wait...i have an idea, but it's a longshot: we sprite a rope ladder that when stored, you can't see; but the ladder leads to a trap door that leads into the attic, which could have more rooms
...will I ever make a comic and patch up an almost unnoticeable plot-hole? Well I certainly hope so.
yes...yes it is...
The Friendship is over..........and has been replaced with something even better