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Hey, if I'm Dai and Cerise's friend, you know I have to be:
A) Crazy
B) Crazy
and C) Just plain nucking futs
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I love it! I was starting to miss the dragon story. And not to mention that the art is still getting better. I really like the texture on the Dragons' skin. Lighting is also really good. The one thing that doesn't sell for me is the motion... The muscles don't seem to flex enough, and the hair should probably blow more. Oh well, now that the concert is over I'm in the home stretch for the end of school, and then I'll be a senior.... *fear*. I hope things are goin well over there. Oh, and I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this to you, but we've started to have picnics behind the comic. We all bring food and it's a really good stress releaver. I just hope you've been ok, and that you're still sane.
Nice touch with the salt. And now that I've finished filming a short for interim and am thinking about it, I really like the effects of the stair case and draik blocking doors. Specific positioning is one of the most powerful statements you can make. And draik in that second panel looks really good! The only thing I would have thought about is, shouldn't there be things all over the walls? I've stayed in places like what I assume this is, and the walls are usually covered in pictures/maps/drawings/trinkets.
I'm BaAaAack!
Hey Dai! I'm sorry for being gone all summer, but meh, I've been keeping up. I hope you have had a good time relaxing (kind of) and will visit us soon. Oh well, I love everything that's going on, but in my long tradition of critique, I've got to say that if anyone was stalking drake, their legs would be pretty damned bent, they wouldn't be walking straight up...

None the less, art is beautiful, hope you keep it up. Also, check out
OH, wisdom teeth, wow, I'm sorry. I had to live through my SISTER getting them out, and that was bad enough.
OMG! Drake took his shirt off. Did you enjoy drawing this? If not, I bet his fans enjoyed watching! One word though, his eyes in the second panel are a little but too wierd. I know he's tired, and I know he's sad, but they are a little mis shapen.
Oh wow, thats a pretty effect. I especialy like the light effect on the blood drops!
Wow, third (or fourth). Go me. So when I looked t this comic, it seemed wrong, and I know what it is. When people fist fight, they don't do it standing at attention. His shoulders should be low, he should have his knewws bent, he should be leaning forward with one side. In short, he should be in a fighting stance. I could imagine if he was just being cocky, but after getting hit once (4th panel), he should loosen up a bit. Also, it doesn't seem like the personality of a blood crazed vampire to be cocky in that fashion, maybe as in rsiking things, but no in the way that you just stand there and wait to get hit.
If I were you, on this one I probably would have put in an extra panel. The transition between the last 2 panels is a bit too much I think, and I would have put in at least a panel with him just holding the sword out and begining to bend it. I still really like the blood stains. Its looking really nice ^.^
Omg, thats so great! Oh, I will miss this side of Teddy! That eye pose is amazing! Reminds me of you, really. When I was a middle schooler. *shudders* I think I still have scars... BUt that is great purtiness.
Oh, and one last thing. I found something that you might be interested to see, and so would Cailtin, but its a picture so I'd need to e-mail it to you. What e-mail address do you use these days so that I can spa- I mean e-mail it to you?
I guess I should be searching for professional help then... I did notice by the way, the blood on Fitz's hand disappears in the second panel... Erm... But watching all of this stuff makes me incredibly happy.
Oye, I finally post and you spend years drawing...
Yes, I have returned from the abyss called spring break. But I hav been reading this, and checking every few hours for an update even. I guess I shall critique then... So what I like: Great swooshes, motion effects, poses, blood effects, and panel 2 made me happy! But, I know I'm being knit picky here, but in that 3rd panel, Teddy's hand kind of annoys me. In the way the fingers are bent, and the way that that hand is kind of boxish... But like I said, its looks amazing. You really are becoming an amazing artist, you know that?

So hows college? Is it as painful as they say? Do you scare people as much as you used to in high school? These freshmen really could use your presence. I mean, I try to keep them in line, but even with my added height, I'm just not quite intimidating enough.
OUt of town? does that mean out here? Oh well, I wonder if Teddy's gunna do an alucard moment, turn into the giant many-headed shadow dog and rip things to shreds! Or maybe skewer the crowd on the trees in typical vlad-fashion. Or maybe even rip things in half and bathe in the blood spraying out the two halves up the body like God of War!
Hey Dai! Xavier (sp?) came back and visited today! Saw him just as I was getting on the bus. Dropped my backpack and sprinted up to him, leaped in the air and gave him a long-awaited glomp! Oh well, he didn't mind, thought it was kind of funny, even. Aahh.... good times. Speaking of which when are YOU coming back??!?!?! HUH?!?! The juniors leave next week for AWE and then Spring Break! I await your return!
Yeah, well I wish. Too bad the second I walked in, they would be like "NO! NOT OLD ENOUGH! TOO SHORT! MUST BE THIS TALL TO DRINK ALCHOHOL!" Except that I'm not really that short anymore. And haven't you ever heard the song "That's your horriscope for today" by Wierd Al? I'm a libra, so he tells me "Remember that laughter is the very best medicine, remember that when your appendix bursts next week!" I mean, what else can I do to heal other than start reciting Monty Python while lying on the floor, bleeding internally. And speaking of THAT, we at school have been giving quite a bit of discussion on exactly what happened inside my body, and whether I am dead already, about to be, or could pull through.
I'm not dead yet! I want to go for a walk! I feel happy!
Yeah, mixing up camera angles is always a good move. And just a suggestion, if you wanted to make him look a bit more, I don't know, terrified? I'd put some bags under his eyes, and get rid of the hunch. People who I see that are scared never hunch, they always cower. I like the scythe though ^.^ Also, drake looks cool, and the back villager from panel one is looking pretty ominous. YOu do really well with facial expressions, but I noticed that the characters' body positions don't change a whole lot from shot to shot and from emotion to emotion, maybe make people more dynamic? OH well, last thing I have to say: if you haven't seen it yet, try out Supreme Commander:

It takes a little while to learn, but it's a great game.
Ooh! The ancient technique of the "Fighting Circle". Drake is my hero. And what's so specail about The villagers? Why do they get a 'T'? If you don't know what I mean, look at what you typed:

"Whatever opportunity The villagers had to back out is starting to disapear, why? Drake's starting to enjoy himself."

And I'd suggest that in that shot maybe try to do a shot from head hight downwards, the ones where the 'camera' is right above their head, or at least close, so their head is right up close, huge, and the rest of their body kind of shrinks away, or at least use that effect a little.

Oh, and if your roommates are afraid of Fitz like that, or you taking pleasure in it, you need new roommates. Best suggestion: Put them in a wood chipper, hey, it works in Fargo.
Ah, well being a rogue, can I stick him in the ass? (Sorry thats just what my dad always says when he sees me playing WoW, "Go on, Stick it in the ass!") I think it would be funny anyhow. And I really do love fitz in this one, you did a great job with him and everything in this one. But it would have been nice if you put in a better background, like a bunch of shadowy outlines and torches even, just to point out that its not 5 people in the middle of some field at night. But the light, and the blood, and Fitz's face! Priceless. Like a mastercard.