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*walks away*
I'm pulling for a Sci-fi Threesome.
I pretty much don't like any of them. They all are in the wrong, but the character I feel most sorry for is Joshua. He's without doubt the most pitiful of them all.
Sap is occasionally required in romance. It happens, but at least the rest of the story is awesome.
While I do wonder what's going on with 'Ehukai and Toshio, I'm really more interested in La'akea and Keani. La'akea seems to be a much more interesting character than the others and I want to see how Keani will change because of him.
Are they playing Egyptian Rat Screw?

If so, i love this comic even more.
Haven't commented in a while. School is making me ten thousand kinds of busy I've never been before.

But, one of the main reasons I came to my school is the fact that Autumn up here is amazingly beautiful. Much better than in the swamp that I have to go home to.

My family's home is in the low-mid-lands of South Carolina and I came to the upstate because there aren't any real seasons there. It's always hot. Bleagh...

I missed Autumn the most.

I mean, it's just not Fall without a slight chill in the air and wonderful foliage.

I missed Autumn the most.
Mama is indeed a fantastic woman. That's the only word I can think of whenever I read your comics.
Aiden, you brought it on yourself. SUCK IT UP!
I remember, when I was a kid, I always used to draw rainbows everywhere. I didn't realize then how significant they would be later on.

Now, the rainbow has come to represent a part of me and a part of my culture.

I remember when I was 15 and carrying a rainbow flag with my cousin in a gay pride parade. At that time, I wasn't yet sure of my own sexuality, but my cousin was unashamed of his and I was proud to walk beside him. Even when protesters of the parade were yelling and damning us.

Two years later, he was the first person I came out to and we decided to draw a big rainbow on his driveway in celebration. family getting together to make apple butter and apple cider.

Every year, I eat so many apples that I get sick, but I still love apples.

Aiden's quite the drama queen, ain't he?
"Black is a very sensible colour. It goes with anything as long as it's black." -Neil Gaiman.
Ursule just wants some love...

That last panel kills me with the cute.
As where I live is experiencing a minor drought, I think about water quite a bit.

And as I have an above normal temperature and it's summer, I better be thinking of water.

But what I think of most, is swimming lessons with my dad in the lake behind our double-wide. The cool water, the trees, the fish and ducks. The sun blazing on the surface and the sudden drop-off that would sneak up on you if you weren't careful.

I remember my dad getting in swimming races with my uncles and always winning even though he had lost his legs because of an illness.

I even remember us finally climbing out of the lake, dripping wet with goofy grins stuck to our faces.

Thank you for mentioning water!


It had to e said.
Spooning: Because the forking is already done.
I watched Public Enemies at the movies today and Malphas' pose while he's in the bath reminded me of a scene from that movie.
Definitely prefered Logan. Aiden's just a whiney bitch.