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I like anime and manga, music is my passion as well.
I luv drawning and i have a ton of comics, so as soon as i get a scanner there will be some comics.
My style of music is just metal, nothing else.
I just absolutely adore anything vampire or demented, the only kind of vampire I hate the most is TWILIGHT!

P.S.- I can be pretty random ^,..,^
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    Nora Atayde
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i love the last panel, the angle is totally epic and i just noticed in the first panel that theres a random stain....
hahahaha dis totally made my day XD
i love how you colored it
I really like the way you colored this, especially the purple and silver haired girls.
I can't wait for the next update :3
yay you updated XD *stupidly happy*
I've actually done that before XD
lol mice live under the sofa?! XD
she has some mad skillz :D
i can't wait for the next page
don't get any ideas Aidan!!!! hahaha
hahahaha how could any one hate chris?
hmm deliciously evil :3
yay! it's been resized :D
first off all i just love the poster in the second panel and second of all i would totally have blood gushing out of my nose if i found and extremely cute intruder (though i prefer Christ to be the intruder)
lol this page made me fall over
noooooooooooooo! the fridhe and the cabinet are dead!!!!
hahahaha sadly this has happened to me as well XP
it tasted so nasty T^T
hahahahahaha, poor Matt has no idea what's going on lol
say yes, say yes, say yes, say yes, say yes, say yes!!!! c'mon girl!!!
lol i luv this pg ^w^
i like Edward in the seconds to last panel and in the last, great job on the expressions
awwww T^T such a cute page
awww, so cute :3
i just love ur drawing style, i can't wait to find out the litte dude's name
awww poor girl i just want to give her a huge hug...
and i love your building, it's so detailed