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This concludes the second "volume". I have some exciting stuff planned for the omake chapter involving our WW2 fellas, so hang around for that. :)
Just to be clear, Victor (Tora's guardian in this arc) is French, and Matthaus (Inu's guardian) is German. Thus his strongly violent reaction.
Whew! Sorry for the delayed update, I got caught up with family stuff for Chinese New Year.
Oh don't you worry, all will be revealed soon~
Yes, this is a flashback (if you couldn't already tell from the title :V) and this has been mentioned before, way back in chapter 1.
Trying out some simple shading for this chapter.
Sorry for the delayed update! I got hung up playing Dragon Age. :V
Works fine for me, try restarting the browser or use another browser.
Yay thank you! It looks awesome!
I hope everyone had a good time with friends and family! I won't have time to post this tomorrow, and I won't be able to work on a new page until late tomorrow afternoon, so have some festive filler for now.

Who wants to guess who gave who what present? ;)

(and let it never be said that Tora does not cater to fan interest, hehe.)
Internet in my apartment block is out, updating early at school just in case.
Sorry for the delayed update! Got caught up all week playing Starcraft 2, only just had time to do the page today. X3
Happy Halloween from Zodiac Battle!

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Posting early today as I'll be out and not sure when I'll be home. Enjoy the early update! ^^
Posting the cover for chapter 2 early. Remember, chapter 2 begins this Friday!