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Hi! I'm LittleTaoTao. My hobbies...hmm...peeping my friends when they'r in shower... I'm in art school if its count on hobbies... (sorry if there is some mistakes, I'm from finland you know...)
OMG! I laughed so much.
Gaha. I did that with one of my frends and everybody around allways go 'EWWWW' and it's lots of fun.... oh the golden old times.... :D
Virginity! Don't people in coma somehow hear or sumthing what people say? I've heard something like that...
But i bet he's gonna wake up!! C8<
I love this kind of endings....
am i sick...? XD
Like in "men in tights" movie.... XD
He's just like one of my frends....
omfg... Herz is so cute...