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My new profile is @AshlingDraws - check out my new main project The Enchated Book there!
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@salis - Sal!! Thank you for sticking around to read the end! <3333
@snowdrops - Aw, thank you for sticking around!! I'm glad you still like it after all this time :'D
@Nemu - Nemu/Hiro!! Thank you so much aww! I'm glad its still re-readable after all this time haha, and super glad you came back to read the finale :D Happy 2019!!

@Thea. - I had the same worries too haha! I think parts of it are a little dated but for the most part I think its okay! Thank you so much, I hope I made lil 2009 me proud haha!

@zetina - Thank you so much!!
@shinronkun - Thank you mans!! And thank you for sticking with the comic and reading all the way to the end :D Glad it was a fun nostalgia trip haha!!
Well, well, well
It's finally finished! Thank you so much to everyone who read this comic, beit in the past when I first started drawing it, or those re-reading it now, or those only just finding out about it now... it's been a ride!!

I've changed a lot since first starting this comic, I've been through some very tough times and actually, am currently going through tough times with my mum going through terminal brain cancer. 2018 was an incredibly difficult year and I had to "reset" with a lot of things; at first I thought having to "reset" was bad, like I was taking steps backwards instead of moving forwards like everyone else. But actually, how often have you thought, "man, if only I could go back and do that again properly" ...I've been somewhat lucky enough to be given a chance to start over from the top. And that's sort of why I decided to come back to this comic and finish it off; I'm spending a lot of time in my childhood home, I don't have time to draw my main webcomic but I still had the urge to draw comics, so things all sort of fell in place for me to able able to, and WANT to draw this comic. The last time I posted on the site was 2015 I think, and I thought I was so wise and grown! Hah!!

If you've stuck around - thank you!! This comic was completed just for you. And I'm not joking! I've loved reading the comments and messages about this. It's still embarrassing to re-read the comic, and I haven't drawn in a "manga" style proooobably since 2012, so uh, hopefully I did okay!!

If I were drawing this comic from the start today, of course there's loads of stuff I'd change. I'd make it more diverse, that's for sure! Not to be all JK Rowling, but I'd previously envisioned Alice & June as POC (Chinese and White/Black mixed, respectively) but as you can clearly see, I had NO idea how to portray that at all!! Even though I had good intentions, I was young and ignorant, and now I'm older I'm a lot more considerate about these sorts of things, actually doing research, taking on board people's advice/suggestions/etc when creating diverse characters... I'm still learning!
Another thing that I'd do is make the comic more queer... back when I was 15/16 and really getting into drawing this story, I was incredibly insecure about my sexuality. It was to the point where my thought process really was, "If there's gay characters, people will think I'M gay!!" And as it turns out, I'm bi! Hi!! What are the odds.

So, I hope you enjoyed the end of the story. I'm actually still active on smackjeeves now, with my webcomic "The Enchanted Book" - come say hi to me @AshlingDraws !! I'm also "AshlingDraws" on twitter, fb and instagram if you want to follow my work elsewhere! And yep, my name is Ashling! OoOoOo!

Thank you so so much for reading the story. I'm sorry it took so long and sorry for giving up so close to the end! I hope that despite all that, the ending did yous proud <3
The End!
Tomorrow I’ll be making a big ol’ emosh post so stay tuned <3
January 2nd, 2019
7 pages left til the end!
December 31st, 2018
@Kitsune-Rio - Aw thank you so much!! I hope the ending lives up to people's expectations ESP cause it's been soooo dang long... Thank you for sticking around to see it <3
December 31st, 2018
@shinronkun - LMAOO oh boy I think my old username confused everyone haha! My actual real name is Ashling, I've got a new account and all now for my new webcomic and like... overall social media presence ( @AshlingDraws )! Thank you mans :D
December 31st, 2018
Happy new year!!
December 30th, 2018
@shinronkun - *takes drag of cigarette* "mad"... i haven't heard that name in years.....

But in all seriousness haha, thank you so much mans! Ahhh!! I'm glad this moment isn't a let down!!
December 29th, 2018
@shinronkun - Hahaha omg dude!!! Blast from the past!! YEAH just before christmas I dreamt out of the blue that I finished the comic so I took it as an omen that I should do exactly that lmao! Hope u enjoy the end of the story!!
December 30th, 2018
It finally happened!!
December 27th, 2018
2011 was full of bangers, lbr

June and Nick MAY have had second names mentioned previously in the comic, but I unfortunately don't remember any of the characters second names and I don't have enough time to scan through the whole comic to check myself... so if you're reading the comic yourself and have seen any last names, let me know in the comments! Thank you!
December 24th, 2018
@DanaBoBana - Yay! I'm glad haha :D Hopefully you're happy with the conclusion!!
December 24th, 2018
Thus (re)begins
The epic conclusion!
oh my gosh oh my GOSH my heart literally skipped a beat reading this update haha!! The characters are so realistic and the story is so well written kjsfhs!! LOVE LOVE <33 Can't wait for the next updatee :D xx
@forgotten_cake - Aw thank you!! I'm so sorry about the slow updates dfhg;;; summer needs to hurry upppp!

@salis - Haha! Yup yup, thank you so much! ^^/
AHHHH I love this!! 80S MUSIC YES. This comic is seriously perfect ahaha :'D <3333 No way is it becoming bland at all!! Every page is just amazing and makes you want to keep reading and never stop *_____*
Thank you everyone for your patience!! /falls over and sighs