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oh my gosh oh my GOSH my heart literally skipped a beat reading this update haha!! The characters are so realistic and the story is so well written kjsfhs!! LOVE LOVE <33 Can't wait for the next updatee :D xx
@forgotten_cake - Aw thank you!! I'm so sorry about the slow updates dfhg;;; summer needs to hurry upppp!

@salis - Haha! Yup yup, thank you so much! ^^/
AHHHH I love this!! 80S MUSIC YES. This comic is seriously perfect ahaha :'D <3333 No way is it becoming bland at all!! Every page is just amazing and makes you want to keep reading and never stop *_____*
Thank you everyone for your patience!! /falls over and sighs
@3o-s-knight - Awww thank you so much!! ;__; xx that's actually super tempting ahaha, we only got about an hour to 'explore' after my interview yeasterday! Yeahh it's been good, hopefully all will be well! :'D
@3o-s-knight - Oh goodness, thank you!! :'D I'm not sure yet, I got in to Bournemouth last week, I haven't heard from Dundee yet and tomorrow is my interview at UWE Bristol-- if I get in to those as well, I'll have to spend a few days in each city to see which area I prefer TuT;; Thank you for asking though!! It's really nervewracking ahaha
@salis - Oh gosh, just realised you'd commented here! Ahhh thank you so much -- life is HARD, gosh!! Who'da thunk it.
& www thank you again!! I'm glad you like it so far, hopefully the story will get better as it progresses;; *my fault for having such a slow-moving pace going on rrr*
@salis - Ahaha, you spotted it! Thank youuu :'D
Happy March!
It's really annoying, but the next update MAY be delayed by a few days - personal life/work/uni prep etc etc caught up with me again, I had less free time than I'd hoped @@;
Sorry sorry! The page IS nearly done though, so hopefully it won't actually be delayed, or not by too much at least;;

Thank you everyone for keeping up with the comic and having such patience with me, I really couldn't ask for better readers T__T <3333
@3o-s-knight - ww Thank you so much!! :'D I'm glad you're finding their interactions believable, haha! & We'll see *u* I hope it doesn't disappoint, ahhh
Sorry if you can't read the text in the last panel ><
Omg, this is my favourite moment so far haha -- "Sick Vanilla; Jura's call; My hand; Nicki Minaj; /it all makes sense/..."
This comic is so great so far Milky! I LOVE IT!! So much <3333 for the colours too, paaastelllll <3
I am most CERTAINLY rubbish, aren't I?!
I'm so sorry for the delay on updates. First my tablets broke - still saving for a new one, but that'll be for a laptop I eventually get for uni. For now my friend is lending me his spare, so all's good! ANYWAY - I've also been busy preparing for uni stuff, so comic-ing was kind of put to the side. I've gotten interview dates and my portfolio is nearly sorted though, so I should be able to get back on track!!
SORRY AGAIN!! I should do something as an apology, oh no D:
@salis - Ahh thank you so much! It actually took a bit to get used to drawing the characters in this style again, haha ;; I'm glad it's not too obvious!

@3o-s-knight - Thank you very much!! I'm glad you like it so faaar :'D I hope you keep enjoying it, haha! Yeahh, a lot of this comic is based from actual situations I've experienced or heard about :L Secondary school memories!! sighh
Mm, I see what you mean -- most of these strips are old ones that I'm re-uploading, but when I start drawing them again hopefully I can come up with better ideas that don't rely too much on the artstyle :) thank you for your comment!
Soo the pages before this were all done last December/early last year, this is the first page where I've drawn the pages recently, so sorry if you see a slight change in style!;;
Ahhh knighty!! GOSH thank you so much, sorry for taking so long to respond to this ;; So glad you're enjoying this so far, haha!! :'D
updates are ACTUALLY back to normal, this time!
This page is newly-drawn -- I wasn't happy with the older one that I had for Maria changing her hair. The style is a little different/kinda wierd, I need to get used to drawing for this comic again...
Aw, butts! I was totally conviced that I'd already put up the rest of comics ahead of time, sorry!! Today there'll be a mass update with 3 more pages, an hour inbetween them. Sooo so sorry!! ><