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Working on a new comic, by which I mean three and a another at the edge of my head. Oh and don't read the crap below
@Mew2girl: I wish I had been smart enough to think of it like that. thank you for being amazing
if I was you editor this would be freakishly flattering.
@Stephi: It's really not that exciting but I'll tell you the gist of what I had. First off the girl in the comic is evil but used to be gods lover. she ended up being some kind of messed up creation. And Damien was some angel who committed suicide in a past life and now has to live multiple lives as a guardian angel on earth. and the reason he kills himself is because the only way for him to contact god is by death. Something like that. I kept changing things and i just ended up hating the story. sorry i ended it here guys but I am working on another comic and its already drawn farther then this comic. Once i finish chapter one of it I'll post it. I want to make sure I don't do something like I did with this comic again. I realize how horrible it is
HAHA I love your comic. It is so cute!
yea. sorry. Its not technically the actual end, but I just could not bring myself to keep going with this one. but I had three chapters written after this. Omg I feel so bad now for ending it here . . .
Yea so . . . THE END . . . I'm starting a new comic. Still in the Idea stage.
he might be falling.
just till i finish with all the presents i have to draw....
@XxBecca!!BreakdownxX: haha thanks! and the inking is just practice. took me forever to learn how to make it nice

@Jael: thanks! this page worried me when I was drawing it.
omg another page

oh and Lollipopsichord did the tones and text SHE IS AMAZING!
hahaha I want the chairs.... they are my dream seats.
i cant believe you said that too me. im gonna write you an angry text and end it with bye bye i love you ya dumb biiitch
@Lollipopsichord: I HATE YOU SOOOOOOO MUCHHHH!!!!!! hmmmmm
!!!!!!!! >:(
so ive drawn about three pages that i need to put up here. i keep forgetting to scan them when i go to art so this Wednesday i swear to god almighty that i will. my inking pens are kinda ran out so dont be all. WHATTHEFUCK?!??!! when i put pencil pages up here lol god . . . i havent drawn in a long time. well ive drawn but its all abstract. ive been obsessed with abstractish stuff since i watched this movie called shelter. YOU SHOULD ALL WATCH IT! it has trevor wright in it. he is one of the sexiest men ever to me. but the movie is sooo cute. WATCH IT!
omg hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha this made my day so much better. i cant wait for more
pshhhh girlfriend means NOTHING. but im excited to know who is significant other is . . . dont make me wait to long