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my real name is Michael but im used to the name mike.

I like spriting, and drawing (even though i suck @ it).
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well it's been a while
haven't been here in quite a few months...
C+C plz
soo, number 1 or number 2
thank u hb... we need stricter rules for the minors........


but i do agree with it
no i agree with the whole thing. i just didn't fall through it.
i didn't fall through wiff this
looks intresting. here r my sprites i'll be a judge if i can.
yes tanok he will do u in bed
hell yes, i've always wanted to beat the crap of someone famous, even if it's just a pinata
yeah it's me and tanok's house now, and we're gonna party till we drop! ^^
c'mon join plz

here's the link
i know, i'm losin it
from all the sprites i've made this is probably the worst.

edit: hedgefox character made by my brother
srry i'be never seen your char before, i'll put different clothes then
@ Solara yes they are

@SSM there i fixed it kind of
i knowz it sucks. But i'll be open for tips to make him bettah.
hooray you get an imaginary cake. Even though it's just dragonfang
no it is not me it's someone i know
whoever guesses what is in the swirly thingy gets an imaginary cake. Here's a hint it is a person from smackjeeve's character
@Sadpanda give my bro a break we are all fucking tired you mother fucker!
@marta i know i told him that too!