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I am a "hand drawn" artist. Well, i used to be. Now I'm going to be a expert comic spriter. I wish... I will go back to hand drawn when I feel like I don't suck anymore.T_T By the way, I am a sonic fan, And I can take things SERIOUSLY. Don't think I can't have my funny side, though... ;P
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gasp! It's the acopylipse! Run for the hills!
Prower, Definitely!
.... Ohhhhh boy.
They're screwed.

$5 on Amy.
... Man, the short time he was alive, I got used to him...
Now he's gone...
Shadow seems to be taking it pretty harshly. Too many people he likes has died. T_T
Weeeel, that does give her more power...
... If only over the opposite gender. ^^;
*ack! don't kill me*
... instantant. Instant.
I is has many goods gramer. :3
... It's not like needing to get my head examined is NEW news... XD
Shadow doesn't have a chance. ^^;
I second Iblis.
... Ennemy.
Am I the only sorry soul that noticed that? XD
... Ennemy.
Am I the only sorry soul that noticed that? XD
... Rouge, keep one eye open at night. You never know when Iblis will escape. XD
... I sort of want Shadow to kiss her. Because, well...
He didn't run away. ^^;
... But they are still awesome. :D
go Weegee! Go Weegee! Haha, I can't wait until he gets in there!
Needs more sound effect...
What about a sneasel? I still remember the snowflakes a few pages back.
Oooh. Plot twist.
This thing has potential. I'm going to watch this. ^^
Here are my suggestions-
1: The waist line looks better if you have it a bit angled, not straight.
2: Try to imagine your own pants folding over themselves and try to sprite it.
3:The left (our left) leg looks pretty good. Just try and re-sprite the other one, and you'll be fine. ^^