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I don't know, but you will understand much more about me if you know me, but u can REALLY know me if u are a brazilian to.but if you not, here's a tip: Tall, Hipiie style, dont like to fight(unless have a good reason for it) and very cool(everyone who know me think it).okay that all! OBS:i'm a braziliam and don't speak english very well therefore i dont use words such slangs.
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still using GIMP?
that page is better than the previous.are you using gimp or with the old...paint?(you must now laugh a lot of me,don't you?can still using gimp,or still with the normal paint that come with the windows XP?*sigh...forget it.)

i can see the why that took 2 days to be complete.look in the prev and look this.with these words,prev'n next,i don't need to speak nothing more about this page.but even still don't understanding,see the graphics and effects.

*sigh* i must having a bad luck comic project wii take more time,because my game boy color has been stolen with my pokemon yellow card inside.just now,when before yesterday i happy because i win a NES...i lost the inspiration and control of draws since i discover about my stolen GBC.well,i have to run and take my gbc back and finish with my title page and start for good my comic.)
the third and last going off msg...
they're healed and back to work i think...but maybe more resting?nah,you guys can do it.

*(last!!thanks jesus...i'm here to say thanks,Vexx,to give me some hints to how to draw,and,tomorrow is the day i'll put then on practice,so i'll take some days off to start the'll take 5 of more days.So,thanks again and still having good ideas!
Going off...
Good as always hum?another good draw.maybe with time,we will gain experience and make good draws like this with easier.I hope i gain experience to make comics easier,because for now,that's hard.and i here for say thanks again to you,Fireyshaymin to the early help.i'm going off for a while to start my project,the will take i think,5 or more days.So,thanks again and stay drawing great comics.
cool design you got here,you skills are getting better time by time.
a question here,you draw all this on hand or just do all the work on computer(either gimp or paintSAI)(this paint is the ordinary paint of windows!!!???it's not because i mastered all paint sources)(Why don't you get a bittorrent download of photoshop?it isn't illegal after all,and photoshop is buyable?here in my city,most of people get it for free and any store sells it too).
And,if you see the same question in another comic,don't worry,i did that question for some people asking how to draw with this "soft" design like here and in "national dex"
*if you go delete this because don't tell much the comic,can at least post the awser?*
hum.nice.simple and effective.none of take more than 3 hours and a thing whick take some fans use photoshop instead of Gimp yes?(the second time i'm asking the same thing)

and another thing i forgot...what game the name Vexx comes?from a gamecube game right?(please don't tell me this game is Metal Gear Solid...)
heh,cool have many tools who he don't care to give to someone.
and a thing don't let go my mind...who's this girl?is she from a game, a comic(not webcomic)from any other place or she's only a character you create and draw on you webcomic?
Nicely done here,haha,your skills make miracles here,maybe if i give me almost spoiled video plate you can make it running like if left the box 5 minutes ago.but serious skills are great.look at tle totodile in last scene!it's perfect!what kind of program you use?photoshop?because i'm planning to start a comic and i'm asking for some help for many people here in SJ including VexxBlack(but i think he is a little busy and can't help).
thats remember the "nigga stole my bike" all of this start in NES.(nintendo first video-game and i have one ^_^)punch out
go to youtube and type nigga stole my bike
that's's good to know one more person know where i live.
it can be crappy but at least you made it well(the others can see it's fire)the worse is me,which will take more or less 2 mounths to learn how to work with photoshop and another tools to start my new comic...T_T
whatever,i'm only want to say he's the man

BTW...dragonhandX-> what program you used to make animation on you avatar?and how you make?(you can send or give me a tutorail later?)
excuse me,but i'm aren't french.i'm brazilian.and,i'm only have a horse and a capybara because my uncle have a farm in the southwest and,the horse is really my cousin's horse,but the capybara is only a animal who live in the near forest,but she often go to the farm,so i "take" her.
but time passes,lives goes,and we have to be strong.i wish you can handle this.
"Hey I'm gonna get you too!Another one bites the dust." hah,i must comment this.(Queen reference)
usually water moves do One hit Knock out
in other types such ground,rock and fire,it's a fact.But bruce is the "man" because his second name's Lee.(hah i must to comment this too)
nice backgrounds,they're aren't soo bad,if these backgrounds are bad,so the backgrounds of the comic i'm planned to start will suck.
you has a hedgehog?on your home?but can hedgehog stay on home?
well...i'm sorry for shadow.when my cousin's horse,epona has gone,i be very sab because i like her,and my capybara died i cry for at leat 20 minutes T_T.
You're really bored yes?because recently this is one of my favorites which receive more updates
**it's off comic**
I'm want to start a comic,but i'm not know how to draw very you have a program which you recommend me to use?Two kind of programs:1°-> a program that help to make sprites and figures of characters and help to color to.
2°-> a program who's used to edit some details of a exist sprite,such edit colors and some details in the character's sprite (for example,switch the direction,(if it's looking for the right,makes it look for the left and vice-versa),switch the colors of the cloth it's using,the skin color,and to edit others details such edit the smile,the hands position,(if finger are up,make it down and other things).)
if you know some programs and another things,can you Vexx,send a PM or post here please?
@The new guy-> you're right,i'm not american,i'm from latin America,Brazil.
Gabriel is a latim name,so you thinked strange this,Biel is a nickname for who's called gabriel,like Bob is a nickname for a name what i forgot...
with these updates,now you'll won't updates untill at least 15 days(the time i have in vacations).Surprises,surprises,surprises... that's all you'll found on pokemon world if it exists...
but thats it,nobody is perfect but that's a shame.Vexx forgot the basic of the basics on every adventure,"don't let you guard down if have enemies nearby".i learn this playing RPGs(i learned in the worse way possible,trust me)LOL->that buizel just watch,maybe it's so fun see a party member be hurt intul lost consciousness,or he's just taking revenge because vexx hurt him a lot....
****Well done here,now i'm vacation and have some free time to analise and make comments better.(how hilarious when you guys are to finish your vacations,i enter on vacation...things here work a little different)
Not surprise me if the nintendo make another super mario in same console(the 1° mario galaxy is bad,only thing good is graphics,but i'm a fan or Super mario,and fan who's fan like mario anyway).but metal gear will make history maybe(it is take some wii stuffs like the wii remote speaker)and new super mario bros wii,if it's 3D gameplay,will make history too,(ds NSMB is good on 2D gameplay,think it 3D gameplay?)
*and you guys have luck to can go to E3,i'm don't have that luck,i'm soo jealous...
HAUAHUAHUA!!!Man,you win!!congrats!!you exceeded even my non-sense Sense,and i'm too non-sense who posted that non-sense comment here :p.but no ofenses,i like the most that comic because it don't have any sense.uahuahua!pretty good,but it is a comic made in "Paint" acessorie of windowns yes?(i know paint,i use to make practically all of my artworks,even my avatar,but isn't reallyh made for me,i only edit this,but i know to use paint very well to make a avatar like this)
*only a tip,in paint you can take video game sprites and edit the colors to make the comic well organized and pretty.
yeahhh incrible!!!!i love fallout 3 you nedd to continue the project!(my avatar is the proof.look!is the vault boy...duh!)