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Green Sigma TH
Race: Chaos Fox
Origin: Space Coloney A.R.K.
Gender: Male
Family: Jenny the Chaos Vixen (cousin), Doom the Dark Chaos Fox (brother) and Terra the Fox (daughter).
Likes: Randomness (but not too much), hanging out with friends, training, video games, spriting, making vids on Youtube and also eating New York-styled pizza.
Dislikes: Insults, humiliating things, god modders and needles.
Enemies: Eggman Nega and Doom the Chaos Fox.
Theme: Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away
Bio: He was created on Space Coloney A.R.K. along with his brother Doom and sister Jenny to create peace in the world, they were called Chaos Foxes for their enhanced ability to easily control Chaos Energy. But when Project Shadow was completed Professer Gerald Robotnik no longer saw the need for the Chaos Foxes and ordered to have them disposed of, but before this could be done G.U.N. soldiers stormed the space coloney, captured or killed the inhabitants, neutralized Project Shadow and shut the space coloney down, leaving the Chaos Foxes unharmed. It wasn't until 50 years later when they were released by Dr. Eggman Nega.
I has a feeling it would be IX....this may get interesting.
Welp, i'm gonna say with confidence that this comic is dead, dead, dead. 2 years with no updates to the comic itself whatsoever. Shame, really.
Gotta say, i'm gonna miss this comic when it's done.
Jebus crust, PAM is definitely not messing around. o-o
I see Phoenix, Edgy and Mia o3o
I know what Team Xtreme would do with that kind of money, but i don't think anybody else really cares about that. XD Anyway, yeah, maybe it's best that Dave doesn't get ANY of the money... well, maybe he can have $1 but nothing more.
Hmmm, Kuragari is pretty intimidating.... I like him!!! |3
Hmmmm, a bounty hunter perhaps?... Sure we'll find out eventually, very good work so far
I'd like for Sigma to get a cameo, or atleast Mech. But anyway, awesome page man, looking forward to the next one.
Hmmm... Something tells me that this Shadow is about to get his ass handed to him.
Hmmm, this should be interesting. Looking forward to this sunday.
Sweet, finally we have an update! Nice work Copa. Looking forward to the next page.
It's definetly Metal Sonic
Damn... I hope Sigma will still be in the new one.
You're going to draw comics now? So does that mean no more sprites?
Huh... Very cool, even after a century of fighting, X hasn't lost his touch, and seems he's become better at handling that saber. Also, i've noticed the Bass sprite in the banner, that's one of NightmareZero187's sprites isn't it?
Which means she can also get pregnant!!! O_O
Man, that metal guy is REAL bastard.
DAMN, can ANYTHING stop this pink menace?!?!