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Tell your dog happy b-day for me.XD
love the comic,kinda makes me involuntaraly fidgety. X|
i love how #237 is so cute in his little room of emptyness.
i wanna hug 'em too.
so why can't ame and the flaffy guy hug them?
|D really? *is sighing up for the advent* tripple x? you realize what that's a cover for right?

i love bruce's face! just so surprised, and adorable. now if only i could draw stuff like this. |D
they do make combat desined gauntlets so that wariors can fight with thier fists and not a sword or something, not that she couldn't use a two-handed sword, she has natural talent with that crap. *shivers* 0.o"
zelda has her own dopples in the freaky dark space, dosn't she?
5|nc3 7h|5 |5 7h3 5p3c|41 1337 c0|\/|1c, 1 w|11 5p34|< 1337, ju57 700 54y, j00 R 4w350|\/|3!!!11!
i'm very entertaind by his antics, they're very comical, pun not intended.
*stares blankly at bunny-eard gannondorf*
i'm laughing on the inside.
is it just me, or does riza seem kinda strange without the sharp canine teeth/fang things.
chances are, it's just me.

i'd prolly be some kind of awkword dork in that situation too, not that i'm not already an awkword dork.

whatever leaves your hand.
half brother, finalized guess.
i'm so friggin' wrong it's pathetic.
you have to love the face the vulpix has in the last panel, so freaking awesome.
we all know that everyone who says "meow" has a low chance of being the cat.
and aperantly we're all beautiful, thats a good subliminal moral message.
happy belated birthday!
i wonder what those hp gauges look like...
random music in the background time? joking...
i have a feeling that she did something stupid... as usual...
maybe something about food?
random scene change?
1- are they able to shift if away from gray?
2- what is jaws age relevence to humans?(meant like "how old is he... but thats inacurit)
3- why does sythe(hope thats spelled right...) like/love grey?
4- how many questions is a person able to ask?
i'm very inquisitive.
*stares blankly*... life first, this later.
take your time, i'll always be here...
until i die at least...
*keeps watch on the pink one, and is ready to side step if needed* ... is she supposed to be creepy?