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Hey, I've been a member since I was 15, 19 now and am a college bio student.

I'm Christian :)
I've been drawing on and off for 7 years (that's why there's not much improvement :/ ) lol XD

Photoshop cs2
Wacom bamboo capture
Easy paint tool sai

God bless :D
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I hope Kea wakes up and realizes that Zoshi has always loved only her :( I couldn't handle if they weren't together in the end.
this broke my heart
These eyes are nice too! I'm excited for this new version! I was a fan of the old one! :D
aw she looks so hurt.... I think Irony will be good for her!
+1 IlluminatedFantasy so true!
love it <3
I guess he'll be saving himself? idk, this is interesting :D
Yup basically XD I'll be 20 in a couple weeks. Can't call ourselves teens anymore XD
lol a little awkward? I'm sure she'll get his attention XD
Getting good XD
Gorgeous town!
It's about to go down!!!
Yea it is like Peter and that obnoxious chicken!! This was hilarious!
Don't do it!!!
LOL XD he's so freakin cute XD
Aw he's cute don't be shy XD
awwwwww <3
I totally LOL at this part XD