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Ok I've been feeling like crap recently so that's why everything basically stopped in Mirror Mirage, but I'm feeling a little better so hopefully things won't come to a crashing halt again for no reason.
August 9th, 2010
So I was gonna update last week, I SWEAR! But lots of stuff happen all at once and I had to go visit family and babysit cousins and blah blah blah!
Thankfully things have calmed down now and I got a fun picture of Det done~!
oh and thankies skullzmelody!!! I fixed page 14 =B
Just a heads up, Miranda didn't faint because she switched with Det, Det faked the faint cause she's a little dramatic. OwO
B-but I love your random comments!!! and who doesn't hate evil teachers glaring at you with their evil eyes of doom! o-o

My favorite thing about Trolley's facial expressions is that she isn't that feminine, but Miranda is, so she is wearing very girly clothing that clash with what she is saying/doing
This is Det! I'm excited for the fun stuff she does. Where Trolley is impulsive and harsh, Det uses her brain to manipulate people.
Miranda was kinda put between a rock and a hard spot, which is why Det decided to make her move and set some new rules between her and Miranda.
Usually Det will not ask and just take over right before lunch for a few minutes. What Det does during that time is a secret. OwO
yes Trolley is a special kind of special...
Yay! it's monday and another page is done!!!
Trolley has issues with logic xD
squee! another one of Miranda's personalities is about to make an appearance!! x3
ps I hate it when teachers hover over you like that! and Miranda had finally convinced Trolley to talk! >.<
Miranda keeps a mirror in her bag specifically so she can talk to her other personalities! And Miranda's teacher is part mole I think O-O

Yeah, so I think I is gonna be updating MWF next week, it's driving me nuts how long it is taking to get this story done!
Bottle caps are jerks! xD
I really like how its Micky who is 'drawing' these >w<
I also never knew that there was so many things that were talking to him O-O'
xD good question! The answer is that Miranda has not the slightest clue!
She knows that they take over from time to time, but she only finds out what they've done if they or someone else tells her. Right now she actually doesn't even know that Derek broke up with her. Trolley saw the bad news coming and decided to 'protect'(?) her from it. Honestly Trolley is probably the nicest out of her personalities O-O
No Trolley, no.
Ha ha you have to discovered my evil plot to get you to make lots of comments!!! xD
and yup Miranda really does stand out! >w<

Yay! Thank you! I keep putting random filler pages in, so maybe that's why it seems longer ^^; But I loves me some filler pages, they b fun to draw~! >w<
Hmm do they really believe he's a pinata, or could the kids just not resist the chance to hit something/one hanging from a tree? OwO
It shall forever remain a mystery!
I really like this page >w<
Miranda's other two alter egos have their personal lovable quirks also, but so far I like drawing Trolley the best! >w<
Aaah!!! D= Thank you pointing that out!!! I read and re-read stuff before I post it and still little crap things like that escape >.< grrrr
Have Fun EVI~!!! TwT
you completely rock my socks!!!
I like how "I am an orange" is not connected at all to the frame that says "and oranges do not talk to shrinks" x)

and don't toasters always have something important to say? =O
I felt bad that I didn't a page done friday and stuffs so I started working on pages like crazy and couldn't wait to post them~! and these two pictures just needed to put up together!

And omg! I gots 10 fans >w< my day is totally rocked!!!