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Just your average teen. I spend my time playing video games and doodling when i'm not roleplaying or something like that <3
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Theres always Fanime in San Jose. Its the last weekend of may i think. they accept paypal. :3
Two updates in two days. holy shit. Its amazing. XDD

i dont really have anything else to say about this page.
Yeah we dont want that. its silly and predictable enough XDD

its super shoujo already. But nah. Ryuji/Katsumi isnt gunna give in so easy
About time right? Sorry about such a long delay D: I actually had the page drawn a long time ago...i just didnt have time to get around to toning it. And Kat is working full time now so she's been too busy to tone the pages herself.

plus both her computers are on the fritz right now D: suck.

OHWELL! I updated and thats all that matters. ^^ We just want to give a HUGE thank you to the fans who have stuck with us through this. We're amazed that we're almost to 200 fans. <3 so thank you. Thank you thank you <3
September 18th, 2010
I love this comic so much <3 its so damn cute. i squee everytime i see it updates. ^^

Angelic Demon- This really isnt that bad XD I scan hardcore yaoi on my computer lol you just have to get your own scanner and hope your parents dont go through the files on your computer.
And thats what we call Damien Logic

he doesnt think those kinds of things through
Lookit that! another update ^^ I told you that i would be cranking these out fairly regularly. Only 2 weeks between updates isnt that bad i think ^^" I was really busy and having trouble with the lay out so thats what took this long.

I'll try to get the next few pages out faster. <3

School starts on the 30th so no promises
kamina is this guy from Gurren Lagann, he stands like that all the time and gives these really epic speaches XDD

and yes Ryuji keeps the little clips in xD which makes me laugh a bit.
Whew. Finally!
Soooo sorry that this took so long to get out! D: Kat got a job at the local Grocery Outlet, and she's been super busy so i suggested that she send me the script to the webcomic and i would draw it...because nobody would hire me x.x *corner of woe*

well she couldnt find the script, and it took her forever to actually find it and then realize that the end of chapter 1 isnt on it...So i just have to wing it XDD

We hope that she's going to be able to continue doing the pages soon. For now, i'm going to be doing the art :3 i THOUGHT i had the same screentones that Kat has been using but it turns out that no...I dont. So i had to get a little creative ^^" i hope you all enjoy it, and i hope that you all like it

and i LOVE that last pannel XD i've been giggling every since i drew it. its just so funny.
Cherri - omfg Saito <33

and oh god will that be magical XD you have no idea.
lol poor Ryuji. he's so tormented.
oh man. this might be my favorite page - it looks amazing.
Love the panel with Damien leaning on the counter XDD
lol silly sleepy Haru
God this comic makes me laugh so hard XDD i cant wait to see more <3
the kid kind of looks like Rolo from Code Geass XDD

poor Haru! D: that must have sucked
we have finals this week, but once that is over then i'll have Kat updating like crazy ^^ I promise. I'll stop feeding her if i have to
Dude he reminds me of a combination of Aya and Ritsu from Fruits Basket XD That amazing. God, i laughed so hard when she said that was her dad XDD
pfft we all use that as an excuse XDD it really just gives us a reason to doodle is all lololol i'm really amazed that you can draw this well without a reference D:
holt crap 0.o very nice <3
its true XD if you're badass then you have to say something witty at least.