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Featuring Ellise Vong
There'll be lesser updates now, til June.
I'll be going to be back in school soon, so updates may be fewer until summertime! =P
When hungry, Nero does not like to be disturbed. =_=
Just kidding. Thought I'd do a double update, just for fun. =)

His name is Lei Soo Jung, fairy boy extraordinaire.
And the mysterious "light-ball" on Ellise's shoulder will be revealed...

next week. ^^;;;
Oh Nero... you're the complete opposite of your brother... =_=
Happy Valentine's/Single's awareness day! haha
Oh yeah.... and GOO CANADA! Can't believe Olympics is here where I live! =D
Vamp attack!!


So I am officially addicted to Restaurant City again as well... sigh...
that's a big panda...
I am once again addicted to Pet Society on Facebook. =P


Ellise cannot find Lei's room. ^^;;;
if you're confused on who she's talking to it's that little ball of light on her shoulder.
things are gonna get interesting! ^^
in the meantime... GO LEO!
looks like a showdown!!
It's supposed to be cold here and yet... it's really sunny. Where's the snow? =(

-Oh, and the secret to Ellise's success in passing Frandecine for two years! Of course he wouldn't learn a spell to counter this, Ellise has too much fun doing this. =)
Watching Quantum of Solace. Bond films entertain me one way or another. The story is confusing at some point... I have to try and remember what's happened in Casino Royale. ^^;;

As for today's page, Fear the FAIRY power!!!
Going to make it a goal to update every saturday, let's see how that goes. I'm currently out of school right now due to illness (yeah, having the flu really sucks), I couldn't register for winter quarter. =/
Anyway, can't wait for the olympics, they're fun to watch. =P
Meta, you don't say much, but you're awesome. Want fite!
Ahhhh! He really makes me fangirl! <3
Light's pretty cool here.
I always thought he was a little goofy. =)
Leeooooooo <3333 ^^