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Erm... I'm sorta new to comicing, Still trying to come up with a name for my character. But decided now would be the best time to do join a comic series. What do you think?
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The Re-runs will get weirder and weirder if you don't update, consider that your motivation to do so!
*Searching for new update*

*Warning: Update not found*

*Fatal Error! Fatal Error!*

You missed out on the opportunity to call this "Pacifier Rim". I'm disappointed in you.

I got to watch in holiday. Definitely watch it whilst it's still on. It's best in the big screen, IMAX if possible.
Eww, we did not need to know that Dregan had a nice scaly ass.

OnceTMaster, please wish that Dregan does not have a nice scaly ass so we can all sleep well at night.
Wait, if the base is destroyed, along with the cloning machines inside it, and probably all cloning items too, doesn't that mean Alecia is dead for real now?

You... killed her off... for good?
Fluttershy Necromencer? Oh yeah. Let's do this.
I've sent an app for commentating. Hopefully it's good enough for the job.
I vote for PoC to take his Shell of a tournament back. And for you guys to start your own damn one.
It seems the Wall-Of-Text-Wolf has returned.

I did wonder about why JBlack got eliminated for taking over 2 weeks for a comic whilst OnceTMaster didn't. JBlack said he only needed a few more hours. But Dregan didn't give them to him. Yet OnceTMaster does get them? I smell Favouritism...
Space, Space, Wanna go to space, space. Yes, Please, Space, Space Space, wanna go to space, space space, space space space.
I have to say these series of comics have been very fun to watch. Great way to start off the Semi Finals.

If I were to vote for someone though, I'd probably pick Thorn. Sorry Arcana, but a few reasons. C.Wolf's Comic were longer, had more snarky comments from Dregan (I personally like those), were a little fairer in the battle between the two characters (In all of yours, Arcana was always winning. Never did it feel like a balanced match and Arcana was a little god-moddy... though a lot of god-mod happened on both sides anyway.) And C.Wolf's Comics were funnier to read. Though there is one reason above all else why I vote Thorn Arcana...

You Vaporized My Little Ponies!

Why would you do such a twisted evil thing? I know they have clone machines, but what did those Ponies ever do to you, all they ever wanted to do was spread Friendship!

I say it would be funny if voting boiled down to which meme the judges prefered. Ponies or Shoop Da Woop.
Glad to know I pulled out if my characters role was going to be "lose in one hit."
Elements of Harmony:

Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Loyalty, Magic... and muffins?

Combined with the catalyst of a giant cannon make Super Mega Ultra Friendship Beam.

And the beam had to do something. Before they were tired, afterwards they are all bruised up!
I wanna see Shark Caek. Make it happen.
This is probably what C.Wolf was like whilst making this.
Tetris blocks don't work that way. They only fall down how many rows are cleared, not to the absolute bottom. So the green block shouldn't squish him... if that's what is happening. I can tell what's happening there with all the blur.
Hello? Hello? I'm still stuck in this castle guys...
Someone broke the banner.

Replace it with a Pony Banner.