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This thing is great. Great art, and the story looks like it will unfold interestingly. Great work.
Lord of Blades
Another one of the villainous lieutenants, I present the Lord of Blades. He's a warforged, much like Fintir, but he's of a rather different sort.

Fintir bears no animosity towards humankind. Or, very little. The lord of Blades, however, is a different story. He hates the fleshy races with a burning passion. He and his army of fellow warforged rebels operate out of the Mourneland, a blasted, magically-irradiated wasteland created by some kind of magical disaster late in the last war. Their end goal is to reactivate the creation forges and, in the long term, wipe out the flesh-races and become the dominant 'species'.

The lord of blades is a whirling maelstrom of blades in combat. He spins and whirls, one axe-blow after another raining down upon his opponents as he moves almost dance-like across the battlefield. His hatred of humans has led to a deep study of the workings of the meatbag's bodies, a study that has taught him exactly how to take them apart as efficiently as possible.

The Lord of Blades doesn't view himself as a henchman of Vol, but he knows that without a working creation forge, his army of warforged won't be numerous enough to hold anything they conquer. So, for now, he intends to cooperate with the Lich's plans, until his minions can secure a working forge and his army is numerous enough to take out the humans on their own.
Time to introduce one of our villains!

This is Gorus. Gorus is a shifter, who normally don't look like this. They generally resemble humans with more animalistic features, things like darker skin, excessive body hair, sharp teeth or pointed fingernails. They are the descendants of were-creatures, the wild power of their bloodline reduced to a minimal rush of strength.

Gorus, however, has tapped into his roots, mastering his shifting to the point where his werebear heritage has become even more powerful that a traditional werebear. In his study of shifting, he's learned how to make muscles stronger, shift his wounds to close them, and even extend his arms to reach distant foes. Couple this with his combat training, and he makes a formidable foe.

Gorus has an extremely deep-seated grudge against the church of the Silver Flame, which is partially why he's working with Vol. This grudge is mostly understandable, though, considering the flame's relatively recent crusades against the lycanthropes.
Alright, Monday's update is Seraphina!

Seraphina is a Psion. A psion is something like a sorceror, except that instead of manipulating arcane energy by force of personality, a psion's power stems from their own mind, growing as the wielder looks inward and learns more about themselves. The power of the mind is capable of many things just as powerful as magic, from the warping of flesh to control the thoughts of others, even creating dazzling displays of raw elemental power.

Seraphina herself is interesting to deal with. She is a dancer, a performer. She's quite adept at manipulating others to do what she wants, and she sees nothing wrong with it. She sees most men as simple creatures only driven by lust. Useful tools, but not much more. She craves attention, and will often use her power to get it. She makes a living traveling from town to town, performing and using her powers to make it a better show.
So, I completely flaked on monday, but I can give you both updates today!

Garret is a rational individual. Strongly charismatic, he takes on the unappreciated but necessary role of party healer and buffer. He's a dragon shaman devoted to a bronze dragon. He serves the dragon's interests in the places where you can't be a fourty-foot flying reptile without arousing suspicion.

Garret is a dragonborn, which isn't really a race technically, it's actually a template. A character undergoes a ritual where he devotes himself to Bahamut, the god of good dragons, and then makes himself a symbolic egg which he emerges from after a day, transformed into a vaguely draconic version of themselves.

Garret is relatively level-headed. He's generally more of an average joe in an extraordinary situation. He used to be a normal human before he became a dragonborn, and a family man at that. Much of his outlook is the same as it was before his transformation. He has sworn an oath to oppose evil dragons, however, which he takes very seriously.
Sketch Update #3!
Alright! The next character in our group is Ik-Zik.

Ik-Zik is a Thri-Keen, a race of insectoid desert-dwelling nomads. They roam the deserts of Xen'Drik in small clutches, a very insular and tight-knit group. Ik-Zik is one of the few that find companionship among other races, and one of perhaps a hundred that have ever left the desert. The main reason for this is they have a maximum lifespan of 35 years. They reach middle age by the time humans are just getting ready to be adults, so they rarely have time to question the big things.

Ik-Zik is a barbarian. He's not a sophisticated warrior, he acts as more of a walking blender that anything. Twin Gythka (Those crescent-bladed weapons on his back) let him shred through enemies, and his powerful legs allow him to leap straight into the action.

Ik-Zik is fiercely loyal to Curra. He strongly dislikes anyone else who attempts to hurt her, and he distrusts those who get too close. He trust's Curra's judgment without a second thought, and would do just about anything she asked him to without hesitation. The relationship seems almost like mother and son at times.
Sketch Update!
Another sketch update today! This one is all about Fintir.

Fintir is a warforged monk. To those unfamiliar with warforged, that means he's basically an intelligent golem designed for battle. That's where the got the name, seeing they've been forged for war.

Fintir is tough to deal with. He's touchy and grumpy, and is the most direct of the group. Basically, think along the lines of wolverine's personality, but even less cooperative. He doesn't bother with unnecessary actions or gestures, preferring to get things done as quickly as possible. Extremely disciplined, with little patience for those who aren't.

He's a mercenary and fights mainly with the massive adamantine fist you can see. The crossbow on the other arm reloads magically, allowing him to engage flying and distant opponents. His cloak is only lightly magical, with a permanent prestidigitation effect that makes it always perfectly clean and always hanging just the way he wants it.
Sketch update!
I think I'm going to settle into a Monday/Friday update schedule. Mondays will be sketches and some short info, Fridays will be pages.

And so, here's the first sketch update:

This is Curra Kutak. You'll be meeting her as this chapter goes on, and she was one of the first character to make the cut into the team while I was planning this. She's a wild elf, and a resident of Xen'Drik. She's a bit of an outsider to the mainland, but she's got an almost childlike interest in the marvels of the 'modern' world, though she feels ashamed to enjoy the luxuries, partially due to her upbringing. She secretly adores beautiful things. Silk dresses, fine jewelry and the like are her guilty pleasure, and she keeps a few set of such outfits hidden away in her bags. She's very much a tomboy otherwise.

Originally, Curra was a drow, but it turned out that, artistically, it was too difficult to make a dark-skinned character in a comic with this much dark shading and still have her turn out with any kind of clarity.

Anyways, I think that's about as much as I can give away without spoiling any of the delicious plot I have planned for her.
It begins!
Alright, and with this, the webcomic is officially off the ground!