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I spend most of my time online, weather its with friends or not. I enjoy being happy and laughing, like most other people XD so im not all that special.
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    Markus Blain
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Why cant i have a beautiful cat woman heave me at strange doctors!?! D;
Mouth nomnoms are the best at random times :)
What kind of icecream!?!? :D
I love icecream!!
o3o has it really been weeks?
wow! humans are strange creatures XD

Bringing out the paragon/asshole out of all of us.

My first character stabbed bums with a switch blade and laughed as butch's mom was eaten by rad roaches.

Hahaha, good times..... good times.....
Is that a tree growing out of your head?
"Jealous? His name's Herbert. I talk to him when I get lonely. Heh heh just kiddin', his name's 'Bob'! He hates it when i call him Herbert, but i call him Herbert on account that i think its funny heh heh!"
Hey, thats my cup!! Cup thief D:
in the last pannel, he kinda does look like an angry sand monkey XD
"F*ck A thornbush on fire".

I swear ive had that nightmare before.....
Im pretty sure we would all make that threat :)
Im pretty sure id be quoting her word for word in this situation XD
:O Good for you! *hugs*
We dont care somuch when you update!! Just that you do :)
Were glad your back and were glad your taking full control of your life!
Its also fun to note that "drinking" is the last thing you would ever want to do involving a toilet.
Faux XD
Hes great company!
And he can really cut a rug to boot!
Theres something horribly wrong with wanting that outfit. >.>;
I lol'd.

The last frame was beyond perfict
This may seem a bit rud but,
X3 i love this comic so far, and your art is sweet! Keep it up!
April 16th, 2010
I do all of that stuff.....
Accept for staring at boys in the locker room......

>////< Honest!!!!
I want a Felix!!
Hahaha. I always scream that when im playing pvp. Then they try and i warstomp + hamstring theyer arse C:<

Love the comic. keep it up~!