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Holy shit she's naked
Working in progress. Her name is raine and she is my current progress. If anyone wants to try to make her cloths i would not mind :3. I have no idea for cloths so any ideas post them. But other then that i like how it came out. Well ya blah blah blah. Tell me what u think.

Also side note. Kukja is a rank of demons in a comic i am planing on doing some time or another. More or less out of 5 ranks she is a 4th rank so kinda a big deal.
heres 2 new girls I made. I felt like praticing making random female since i really suck at them ^^. So enjoy terra *girl in the bath towel* and nova * the demon girl*. Crit etc etc. Oh and terra is not done <.< lack of hands lol.
Working on a battle form.
Well seeing as my char is a zx edit I thought i give him a battle mode he can change into as well. So far i like it but i can already see some things wrong that i plan on fixing. But other then that CC. Kthnxbye.
This is veral my zx style human :3 enjoy. More poses coming later.
Goodlord man at least fix the colors and shading before you post something like this. XD
Well everyone else was making customs so I thought I might as well to. Everything from the head to his sword is custom so lets hear how much it fails xD. Never been good at bloody sonic style oh well.

I already know the shading needs some work but oh well kinda lazy now.

Edit: Added a tail So tell me which is better. Tail or no tail!
Enjoy dont steal etc etc. Also the one with out is a body is like a ghost.
had to reupload cause some bitch deleted it!
Added 2 new poses ^^ working on it atleast. Lets hear what you think. Midn you it is 100% custom so ya the running is wierd...
it"S custom o-o <.< so ya it is kinda wierd.
???what you mean don???
Just some of my stuff enjoy ^^. Not posting sheets right now :D Well shoes are not really custom on sonic but the rest is xD i hate shoes!!!!!!
Yes it is and no it is not :D.
See a while back matt wanted a female form done so i made him one and decided I liked it so much I wanted to use it as one of my own charas. He agreed and said I could :D
Diff style.
SORRYYY!!!! I know my style of making comics is different and hard for some to read but this is how you do it hmm k.
Start from the top left and move down then go to the top right then down. Think of it as 2 pages in 1.

For this comic i labeled the order with numbers on how you read it. Enjoy
Theses are my chars.
Mai - Thee emo that never takes no for an awser. Mai is usaly a dark and moody person but sometimes can be a bundle of fun. Usally she is picked on by her brother.
Veral - A guy with to much to say and not enough to do. He is a cocky bastard and enjoys watching people struggling in doing anything.
can someone give me powers to post comics o-o or psot my comic for me that would work to.
Anyway I can get in on this comic o-o.
Please ^^