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This happened to my friend once...

and it shot back up into the air like a set, and I proceeded to spike it back down and get us the point.

Only then did I realized that she had set it with her face.

This is great.
Chamomile looks so charming in the first panel!
I love Thoreau.. and so does Jezeus.. even if he doesn't let it on LOL
now how about Mas Tango? hmmm? HMMMMMM?
omg the last panel is hilarious!
You tell him Claire! And Ariel.. punch him again!

also just a little fix! You put "His mother weren't of royal blood"

It should be "is mother wasn't"

Other than that everything is good!
"Bring out your dead!"
HO! Chamomile you are a huge creeper lol
Oh god I hope that Herz doesn't screw it up!!
Aww that kiss was adorable!
Oh April fools day lol
oh ho ho two of the members of my favorite threesome are alone together!!! :D
Scuttle looks so cute in that panel!
awwww poor Herzy! DON'T WORRY BABY I LOVE YOU!!!

Who's ass do I gotta beat! >:(
Poor Sunny. He is just too attractive not to molest
I have a laptop and the size looks fine to me
omg milky, the "I can hear the ocean" made me laugh for like ten minutes!

Your pages are so pretty.. I am jealous of your mad skillz
I love that song!!!

This picture is GREAT and has made my day!
Did I ever tell you that your ever changing banners make me extremely happy