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i plan on bringing it back soon. i graduated from high school so i should be able to continue. i read my old comic, and damn i was haveing typing problems. i'll work on it.
so yeah, this is balls. i'll try to get it fixed as soon as i can.
sorry guys
i managed to update. ill be trying to get back on a schedual sooner or later =D hope you enjoy~
sorry for no updates. school starting up, my senior year. gotta focus on college.
But i'll be updateing soon.
Nice comic, definitely favored.

The flash was amazingly good. keep up the good work.
coverpage by Elokin
crappy blast was crappy
blast looked better before i uploaded it lmao.
Feels good to be back.
Sorry, alot of personal stuff going on so i couldnt update.

But i did have a GREAT time in North Carolina.

I'll updateing on my usual schedual.

edit: i also noticed a typo, i corrected it the sloppy way lmao.
hey jay, did you have new sprites for judio and jay or something? cuz if you want me to change them, i could always just do what i did for emma lol.
Thanks, yeah i wish it did have more faves. But i keep making it for the people who actually like to read it. thats all that matters.

p.s. i like your avatar XD
Jblack had the hope and it turned out nice...but now
their in the lair of Frost...
Oh yeah forgot my comment
Yep yep, looks like the feeling Gemel gave Ray an opportunity.
Just go back and read the ones you missed,
@jay, psh it was a lucky shot.

Roxas: I could have done better <_<
welcome aboard welly.

1 more cameo comeing up.
Too slow
Yeah, Not gonna out maneuver Roxas. good thing Sage caught emma X3
Pissed off
Yeah, one thing roxas isnt good with, is when someone hurts females. Especially his Ally, and his new friend Emma. Yeah, so theres the first time you all get to see pissed off roxas.
Stuck between a rock and a hardplace.
Look's like Nate is running out of patience for the rebels.

Chapter 4 on the way =D

lol, Ray managed to get out of that one easy.