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Rich D
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And here's the last guest strip.

Normal service to return next week
Guest comic by Wukei.
Gah, another too wordy comic.

Oh well, another one next saturday. I'll try to cut out the number of text bubbles.
Here's another comic.

(more to follow later)
Here's a comic.

See you next week.

A little bit different to the previous several, which is probably the reason why I made this before the last two as, like I said, it was different.

Also Amiria makes a reappearance, the next set of comics are going to be...interesting. Whether they're going to be fun to make depends on my ability to script them out, which I'm having severe difficulty with when I go off-piste with the script as currently written.

Until next week, peace and I'll see you then.

New one up next week, ciao.
Darn those chairs were hard to draw.

Early comic as I'm away over the weekend.

See you next week.
Early comic as I'm going to be out for all of tomorrow.

See you next week.
Comic, comic, comic.

Little bit late but here it is.
Two comics in less than a week? Preposterous!

See you next week.
Here's a comic (at last)
This was supposed to be longer but the bit on the end has ballooned into a bit too much to stick on the end of this one so it's going to be in the next one.

See you next week (or maybe before depending on how quickly I can knock the next bit off)
A quick little strip I knocked up for V-Day.

And it looks like it wasn't the only thing to get 'knocked up'...

(I instantly apologize for that bit of high school humour, part of my brain couldn't resist it)

In the incentives there'll be some background pieces I intend to use in the next comic, it will be coming when I get over the writers block that's been plaguing me as of late.
sneak peak of the next comic up as an incentive
Definitely been far too long between comics, so here's one (although not much of one).
New chapter!

The comic is going to get more plot driven rather than scattered, random and downright confused strips. I could have gone on with the previous chapter for a while, but I wanted to introduce a few new characters (who will play a significant role later on) and suggest more inter-character fighting.

Oh, I'm a bit late on comic making and I'm going on holiday at the weekend for two weeks so a short break is expected.
It's taken a bloody age for this arc to finish, much longer than I wanted it too, but it's finally done and I can move on to advance another Plot (whichever one I pick to choose), or starting a new one.

The first panel of the next comic (sort of) is up in the incentives.

See you at the weekend (hopefully).
You'll find out in the next comic, my dear llama :P

(which has a sneak peak in the incentives, it's taking me longer than I thought)