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I draw webcomics. Derh.
Still great.
Saw this a second time. Still made me laugh. :) That's great, man. Thanks a bunch.
ooh. Cool song. Keep it up.
My ID for my deviantART account. I thought this was funny. If you don't get this, than shame on you. Or you could click the following link:
You'll see this'un again.
I thought this one was funny. Though, you'll notice I used the same picture for the comment button; I thought it was funny! Gosh. Anyway, this will be a wallpaper you can download eventually when i get the site up. But for now you'll have to settle with this.
It's Filler crap! Savvy?
If you don't know, deviantART has changed its overall layout. Some people like it; most don't. I kinda do; you can see more of my gallery at once on my webpage. Oh well.

Check out v5 and what it looks like here:
Haha, technicality. Gotta love it.
The Cast
From left to right:
Chewey, Bytor, iPlague, Sam, Happy the Racoon, Moe Hawk, Jarxie, Sam the Suicidal Squirrel, Smith, and Gordy the Zombie Chihuahua.

For more on these characters, please click here:

Also, please leave a comment stating your favorite character and why. Just so I can give the people what they want!
heh heh
This one made me snicker. But WHERE are the balloon pants? haha, just kididng.
hahahaha that's great. Didn't know you could do flash files. Eitherway, that's awesome. Keep it up. :D
hah hah!
That's funny. Anyway, could you tell me how to edit the warning on your page? Is it HTML or what? Tell me pleeeeeeease.
Holy Crap.
Holy crap this one is so old it's like Abraham Lincoln would've seen it. Anyway, this was the first comic with both Chewey and iPlague, though iPlague would become destined to have a different body, due to the whole "getting sued and now living in bolivia" story, which I'll talk about later.
David Spade Pwnz
DAVID SPADE FOREVER, MAN!! Yeah, If they made my cartoon into an animated Movie, David Spade would definitely play Chewey. Ooh! And Sarah Michelle Gellar would play Sam.
GAH WHY CAN'T THERE BE ANY STRAIGHT GUYS? I MEAN REALLY. :P hah, jk. Inu should totally be with whatserguts, not a guy.
oh, of course....those darn jugglers make it so easy. :D
ah, the plot thickens. :D
and of course, Inu is grinning like the Chessy cat. :D I'm liking this comic more and more.
I like the way your style gets gradually and gradually better. I like this page the best so far. Interesting story line, too. :D
hee hee, i like this one too.
ooooooh, i like this page.