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Star used DISCHARGE.
I knew stars came in all shapes, sizes, and colors but now this is getting slightly ridiculous.

The green and black SO do not go well together.
Always look on the briiight siiide of life.

Seems familiar to me. Like something Monty Python perhaps? Or am I the one hallucinating here?
His thoughts will doom us all.
Now THAT's how you burn off calories.
I personally would be less worried about the enemies and more worried about losing my balance and falling into the many pits filled with darkness or lava due to the extreme heaviness of the shield.

Did I mention being crushed? No? Well, I'd be worried about that too.
Now it makes sense. More than it used to, anyway.
Perhaps it should be 99%. There's a small chance that it might actually be Luigi.
I think I catch the bathtub reference. If there is one.
Ask for coal for Christmas. When you're naughty, you get horrible-tasting chocolate. THE TORTURE.
Oh, I thought he would've used the toast as bait.
He needs to get back to the future, it seems.
In the End
It wouldn't even matter.
Yes, I just went there.
The most dangerous weegeebot ever. It combines every single meme into an attack.
Oh dear. Mysterious hand of death.
Either this is explosive diarrhea or yelling to relieve stress. Either one fits nicely. (Lolwut)
(33% chance)
Vexx looks overly excited. With the exception of Bruce, this situation must not happen a lot.
That'd be unfair, as Super Sonic is invincible from what I gather.
I feel sorry for poor Lemmy.