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I make comics now and again. I set up
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    Ellen Woods
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November 29th, 2011
November 19th, 2011
For reference - Boke = Puke or vomit.

Boke is irish slang.
November 19th, 2011
Coffee Is bad for you!
Zenpou has it in her head that coffee is really bad for you and Dan is heavy coffee drinker. Zenpou just wants to save his life, that's all.
November 19th, 2011
Zenpou Can Be Scary..
You know when your concentrating so hard that your surroundings cease to exist... yup...
November 19th, 2011
Hard Concentration
Thanks for reading this.
=D Just wanted to show you the promo poster. It'll be on sale at conventions.
>w< I love them dogs...
I'm not sure i like the direction in this page.
>w<, i love this comic =).
I like this comic at the start, not the plots taken a turn for the worse. I don't like all the little japanese words used. I have never read prince of tennis...

Bring back the good writing you had and stop trying to break the 4th wall because you arent that good at doing it.

Sorry for being so harsh, I just really like the artwork...
thats a very shan of the dead kinda thing...
I had so much trouble with this page... especially making the scenary but i love my animals. You like them too?
holy cow! New page batman!
i added a little more to this page
Another revamp
Yes, I gave the presentation and engl9sh a go over, plus I hated the cover!
david looks either love struck, or just plain dazed?
-cries- Please bring Desta back soon D:
yay confesssion get.. -dances-
too right, it is easier to talk to strangers...

Breaking the rules, Zenpop is an irish manga publishing site XD. We publish irish made manga. :P
December 30th, 2009
mmm brains! More plz!