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wing-shadow austalian/british
I work as a singer (Opera...cause im just that cool)
... art fails...but ill get good EVENTUALLY. ;_; i hope.
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February 26th, 2012
man this is what happens when i dont log on here forever. i miss awesome comics D:< all my rage.

the art is beautiful and the characters are adorable <3
@ Line Noise
long comment was long. usually i dont reply on here but IB

Im not just restarting curse because of the bad art. The story was completely winged and ive hit a block with it. Im not happy with Loki and Alans designs since I came up with them on the fly too. It wasnt planned, and was just a silly excersise i started. However ive grown to like the characters and concept so i want it to be something i like.

Tl;DR: If you dont wanna read a restart, dont. ;D

oh and at everyone else, i may actually put it on SJ since alot of people dont have dA. C:
First off. SORRY OMG. I really really appreciate those of you who are still with me. thank you TT_TT.

I thought i should explain some stuff to do with my LOOONG absence.

YES. i forgot about curse for a good month or so. But it is by no means dead. I started a course in Games design about a month ago, moved states, had some dramas with friends and stuff. But still, i sorta found myself doodling the Curse! crew and being all 'I miss them ;3;'

Ive decided that theres no point carrying this version of it on. Curse! is getting a huge makeover. Loki and Alan will be getting some redesigns (small ones), the story is getting a facelift, and i finally have a vague art style that im happy with.

So, If youre still with me, and if you dont know yet, the full coloured, revamped Curse! will be up at . Im not sure if ill put it on SJ, (might use some other reading site or something) but itll definitely be there.

....oh also, im running a small art comp if you want a free pic from me XD
ok so its been a few days. I got some commissions so i had to concentrate on those -w-. sorry for the sketchiness.

BTW IF YOU WANNA SEE ALAN AND LOKI BEING DIRTY FUCKS... I just got a Y!gallery account >3> i only have one pic up but it should make up for the absence of updates.
you all saw it comming
i know, cliche as fuck. but at least it wasnt all sparkly and LOVE.

i mean isnt hitting your teeth together painfully more likely? -w-

also, thats actually happened to me, and it hurt man.
and yet
another sketchy ass page at 2:45 am 8D

i dont care what happens, im doing the next one during the day tomorrow. I SWEAR IT. FFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

i added a little shading under the sketches so it sorta at least looks A LITTLE BETTER ;A;
you know
im totally gonna work on the next page earlier. so i can actually shade/do the lineart. I really gotta stop starting these pages at like...12am. srsly.

yet more sketchyness -_-.

also, magic tastes like soap. just fyi.
im keepin up with updating every day so far 8D sure its only been 3 days but its a start amirite?

as you can tell only a few panels are past the sketchy stage = w =. and i know. 10 minutes a day isnt much. but WAIT AND SEE BROS. WAIT AND SEE.

i guarantee youll like the next few pages B)

Edit// and yes. Dannifers book IS flying away in that first panel
well, you get to see what the pages look like in their INITIAL stage. this is the absolute most basic sketching of how i do pages. But its 1:45am and i need to sleep =w=

next page will be better. i hope. on the bright side, im uploading XD

By security, Dannifer means like, sorta like a trap. when someone messes with it it triggers and lets out that cute little thing we saw earlier CB

also, sketches are ugly B|
LOL its been about 2 months since youve had a page, amirite?


IM FEELING GUILTY ABOUT IT. So from now until the end of this chapter at least, im going to update EVERYDAY. YEP.

even if theyre just sketchy ass pages like this one, there will be one every day C:
March 10th, 2011
im not gonna make excuses. this page is late/shit because im a lazy ho CB like, i think i literally spent about an hour on this thing.


ANYWAY. Lokis BAMF moment. he doesnt appreciate strange monsters coming out of his friends apparently...

some of you were wondering what my dA is again :
i know youre all waiting for a new page ._. im such a slacker man.

those that watch me on dA would have totally seen this already >_>

so until i get the energy up to shade the newest page...

have this 8D Loki and Ed (who you havent met yet), and Alan and Dannifer (in his pretty dragon form).
February 17th, 2011
so like, those who watch my dA account will know why i haven't been able to update. those who don't, long story short, car crash. nuff said >3>

anyway, if this page confuses you, don't worry XD it'll be made clear next page.

also, yes, i know Alan looked stoned as hell last page -3- no, that wasnt intentional, but it made for lulz CB
February 1st, 2011
so like...
have you heard about get another disaster to hit Queensland? WOOOOO GO US. turns out we got some bigass cyclone hitting. thankfully its in the north near cairns so away from me |D But its really horrible and my thoughts go out to all those in the north :C

also, it turns out you can get like, books with eyes at renaissance fairs >3> We dont get those here. i dont think. i want one. :<
January 29th, 2011
as promised, updates are starting again BD random change in art is random. Thanks to everyone for the kind words of encouragement ;n;

also, no, i dont know what Dannifers spell says...because i was too lazy to make up a new alphabet <3

ALSO....yes...Dannis monocle is now on the other side ._. i dont like it on the right.
October 14th, 2010
i hate uni ;_; it takes all my drawing tiem away.

anyway, heres a rather unexciting new page =3= the next few will be more interesting B3
September 15th, 2010
im obsessed..
with pokemon right now ._____. my friend gave me season 1 and a DS emu + diamond on my hardrive.

blame that for my lateless ;D as well as the crappyness of this.

OK YOURE GAWNNA WANNA SEE THIS BITCHES. this is a sorta "teaser" from the Curse DJ im doing: gonna make a new effort to actually put some work into the art! HONEST.
August 26th, 2010
the reason its late
is because im actually workin' on a special something ;D

y'see, im making an extra chapter that doesnt do anything storyline wise but lets me draw smut |: its also been victim to my uniform fetish >_______>;

also, about the last panel: Alan is sensitive because hes never had contact with another person without gloves or something. so its so new to him ;A; *pets*
August 15th, 2010
for some reason...
i really like drawing angry loki >3> i tried to make it look like his hair was standing up a bit (like the heckles on a dog) but it kinda failed ._.

also, dannifer jr looks alot like his grandpa amirite?

August 6th, 2010
SEE?! SEE! i got a page out in less than a month >D recooord.

Introoooducing dannifer sr. Isnt he so huggable?

hes like a bishie. for old people.

... going away to brisbane for a few days, so im gonna do some proper work on the next few pages C: