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This made me giggle out loud. You guys are so funny!
I totally tried zooming in on my browser and epically failed to see them. They just got blurry.
Um... Sachi sort of looks like a guy in this panel...
So the next panel revealed to me that the guy's name is Haburr. I thought he was calling Zav a Haburr based on the punctuation. Put a comma right before Haburr and it's a totally new meaning.
So when I click on teh links for the new site it just takes me here...
Why does Zev look like he's part of the foliage?
I think it would be way cool to see you work, as long as it's speeded up a lot.
I think fate was telling me that the weather by you guys is too unstable, and I might have gotten whisked away in a flood.

And that I forgot to flush my toilet, and so it was better to go back and flush than to find out 5 days later.
Absolutely HILARIOUS! My favorite ever!
love the faces!
lol Izkata, I thought the same thing. I think someone is now German?
I love your wavy jail bars.
I suppose he might have lost like 3 lbs...
I love the font on the bottom... what ius that?????????? I want it!
AHAHAHHAHHA!!!!!!!!!! I love this page!
Zev's arm looks find in hte 3rd panel.
Maybe just try to aim for 1 page a week instead of 2?