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The hand is fine, the eye is scaring the fuck out of me o_x
No freckle-dick, you have disappointed me greatly ;w;
I can't decide if I read way too much into Zeggy and he's really just a shallow dick, or if he's deeper than people think.

So here goes my theory: Some of his issue is that he's a dick yeah, but also. His focusing on bits of a person is because he gets overwhelmed trying to take in the whole. If he focuses them as a whole, his psychic shit kicks in brings up all his issues.
He pushes and acts out and makes scenes, to the point he's even fooling himself with it. Like many who talk big and draw attention, it's because he actually DOESN'T want attention on his real self, doesn't want to be seen as scared and confused and maybe crazy.
Zeg's got some PTSD type issues and some forced dissociation issues.

...or he's really just a huge dick XD
How can I take this seriously omfg XD
Dat bow doe <3
I'm excited and terrified that a med student is drawing this XD
Did his dad die? I forgot that XD
I'm terrible :o
That's real life right there, yep ^^;
That shirtless woman's design is really cool :D
Oh yeah, and poor Kleio XD
I will never stop loving these people XD
Real life is first priority, always.
We love yoooou :D
Random question not related to the page XD

Is there any signifigant reason Lunge's eyes look different, or is it just one of those things?
That was unexpected but fucking cool!
Star Trek >w>
Yay for you being interesting ;p
The hell/underworld concept is cool~
I love that you show he actually needs aftercare... I hate when in comics someone gets this terrible injury and it's just magically half healed by the time they get home.
January 1st, 2013
Nice statement, well put. : )
And kudos for a condom heh heh
(I like how it coordinates with Dake's pube hair XD)
Could you post somewhere all the lyrics? Sorry if you've already done this and I'm just missing them... ^^;
Tell your friends; this is what I'm doing, join me or get lost! lol
I'd totes come over and just draw too or something XD