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I like drawing comics and animating (duh!), tho i'm ussually critiziced because i dont order my panels or make them straight.. My comics are handmade, since drawing digitally is a pain with all the filesizes and stuff Dx My style is animeish by its own account, and I hate coloring, when you read scifn you'll notice it :P
feedback is accepted : D
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coming to think about it, this story is kind of original, I may retake the concept someday for something different, for now I have other projects.
I found this on my archives, I don't plan on retaking this project, sorry.
moe2311 you are my favorite smackjeeves person : D
sorry for the Mindy learns a Moral reference.. (if you got it, if not you'll just be wtfed)
Color just started flowing and I already regret my fabolous idea of coloring.. it takes more time than i tought D:
But i'll try and if i definetly think it isnt worth it then no more color..
see how the encounter with the monster starts filling the world with color? : D
I think it doesn't look correctly.. but Cain suddenly fell unconcious.. maybe he hit some kind of barrier...
Hi my beloved 8 fans (somebody still reads this right?), I had forgotten to scan the upcoming pages, but don't worry, there is SCIFN already made for two more weeks :D

And, the rapid background coloring i used in the past pages looked HORRIBLE, so i guess no color is better now...
y un banner....
Well, kinda, is like an alternate world that is just like our world :P

Hey, thanks a lot for keeping up reading this :3
this is the most horrible comic page i've ever made in my life.. it sucks, im sorry
a little different 'coloring', the markers didnt work well..
yay! thanks a lot :3
accion : D
y letra en ingles q se entiende :P
oh em gee!! thanks!: D wee!!
I have had the same toughts!
I already love this comic and I haven't read anything xD
omG wow!!! thanks a lot !! ^^
Sus vidas son perfectamente normales, excepto porq el fondo siempre es gris... osea, si tuvieran un fondo normal sus vidas ya serian completamente normales, pero pues, el fondo es gris.. es lo unico que la caga a que sus vidas sean normales.. ya entendiste? xD
genial ya cambiaste la url xD
alla una segunda pagina :D