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Kirby's of the Alternate Dimension, or KAD for short, is my comic. The comic is doing well so far, and I have reached the 50th comic point in KAD.

I like to write stories and use my imagination, so I spend most of my time on the computer. Nintendo is my favorite thing to make comics about, although I may eventually add a little Sega/Namco/Capcom reference.

There may be a short amount of days that I do not update any of my comics. That is because I get writer's block a lot. For those of you who don't know what writer's block is, it's a period of time where I have no ideas for my comics or stories. So, if there is a period of time with no updating, that is why.

I'm sure some of you have noticed that I am not updating my comic very often. I apologize for this, and am sorry to say that, from now on, my comic will be updated every 3 days. For those of you that look at my comic often, I hope you will not be too disappointed.

I'm Kuzer!!!!
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Great comic! Loving the story so far! ;) and also, I think I'm really going to enjoy Colliding Mailboxes. Mostly because it's made by you, Afrohawkman!
@Lugbzurg: Actually, Lugbzurg, SonicandPals did do a play renactment of "Hamlet."
No, it's just I've been waiting for a new OOT:SI comic for like, EVER! and also, my comic did seem to be missing your funny evil banter.
I could go into the cabinet and look for some batteries, but it's more fun this way.
That makes literally no sense.
I thought they would never return.
It's not melted. It's just dripping.
IT'S A DONUT!! HE JUST SAID "says what Blue Fox said"
That was random and funny at the same time.... :P
DEATH TO SAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Metal Overlord shall be defeated!!! AND IF NOT, I'll invent a time machine/dimensional portal and go to this time period myself to defeat him.
Lazy robots. It's hard to believe that Eggman made them... oh wait. No it's not.
This stinks. I knew he was evil all along.
Ow can't be classified as an ability. It's an interjection.
Baby powder..... does not relate.
I prefer Sonic heroes.