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September 30th, 2012
This comic is beautiful and amazing. I never expected to find something this quality on SJ. ._. I couldn't stop and just read the entire thing in a day...
Aw poor girl, she needs some nerd friends.
A lot better than some.
You do realize you are a lot better at drawing than sooooo many people right? You just need practice, it takes some people longer to get better than it does for others.
Your art is so much better from the beginning of your comic and it is actually pretty good now. Your style is just simple and jerk offs take simple as bad.
So, really instead of constantly talking about your flaws in hopes that these people will stop commenting about your art, just ignore them.
Your pokemon battles are actually fairly interesting to watch play out and I enjoy reading them.
I think Kuri is my favorite character.
It's nice to see that she isn't evil....hopefully.XD
Wow, everyone really does have such extreme views towards Hillaree(sp?...srry><)(checking it out after reading your journal)
The way she acted was extreme but really no reason to want her dead.
Well that is kind of depressing.=(
Wow, awesome gore..X3
Thats pretty much just the same thing.XD With black at a lower opasity its probably about the same as the grey at 47.
Coloring Cheat?
Since I dont know how you did this Im going to put out a coloring sugestion.XD I think the easiest way ever to shade is to make a layer black. Turn the opasity of the black down to about 20%.You can use it on all the colors, so its quick.^^
Wow Hillaree can be so rude sometimes.

So how long did you have to wait in line?XD
Is that really something you want to blow all your money on?X3
Wow I wish that would really happen if I stuck my game in the microwave.XD
Oh wow what an interesting twist.=3
I dont see a big deal in Hillaree beating her, she seemed to be under a lot of stress after meditite was knocked off her shoulder.=3
Ive always felt really bad for Kuri.
You're welcome^^...and yes I don't like sparkly vampires.
I am enjoying your comic a lot.^^ Its funny and I really love the storyline and features real vampires!=D
Oh I see. Well that makes it a lot more clear.^^
I don't mean to be rude but is Blane a guy or a girl?If Blane is a guy, perfect, but if not I think you need to work on making girls look more feminine.
Wow some people just really suck...because i really like your art style. It doesnt suck, it's just different from Meta's.=(
Id say he seems really familiar.=3
Yeah it does make the tones look different, i personally like the way merged tones look though, its not the tones you are using though, all of them do that.