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My parents wanted me to go to med school. I told them I might go to law school. And then I went to art school.

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@thewhalelord: Ah, sorry. I mostly update here for people who follow updates via SJ's subscription feed. The main site has a bookmark function under the page, so you can go back to where you leave off.
No, Saint. This isn't like one of your dumb 'ol books.
Happy New Year, everyone! <3
Ooh! Really lovely work~ <3 I'm looking forward to seeing more. :)
Update your links, my dears! "Saint for Rent" has a new site! C:

Check the "SUPPORT" section later on tonight for fan freebies. C:

SJ should eventually redirect you to our new location, but I'm still trying to figure out how to make it so Smackjeeves updates when the site does, so everyone here can still get the latest news and pages. :'D
Ahh! We reached 300+ fans! <3 I was wondering whether or not I should draw a special filler, but I figured it's be best to finish another page instead.

Thanks again, everyone! <3 We're about 10 pages from the end of chapter 1! Hooray!

Also, as a side note, we're at 30 COMIC PAGES now, which means we're eligible for the Smackie Awards! here on Smackjeeves.
I know it's super late into the nomination process, but if you'd like to see Saint for Rent as a entrant for any of the categories, Saint, Armand, Kitty, and I would appreciate your nominations. <3

@Passant: Well, you can rec it for anything in the categories, but I guess it would fall mainly under Fantasy, Drama, and Action. C:
Don't count Saint out just yet!

...Right? x')

@Wulfmune: Eee, thanks so much! <3 I really like the colors you use in Witch's Quarry.
So uh, guys. P: I've got a new page for you! I've been animating this page in the back of my mind for about a year now. x'D Not quite what I had initially planned, but still good.

Two side notes:
1) New webcomic recs in the links section! Check out my faves~!
2) "Saint for Rent" is getting its own website soon as a part of the lovely and talented Hiveworks. :) I still want to keep the SJ site running, though. So, it'll likely be a mirror from now on. Or, I suppose I could shell out the $50 for a premium and redirect it. x'D IDK, what do you guys think?

@Rindesei: Thank you! :D I love drawing them, too.
@Skriptkitty: Thanks! <3 I've been waiting a long to to do that one.
@Pedes: Ah, okay. :> I'll likely have it redirect, then!
@wr4ith0: OMG HAHAHAHA~ I hear that's a surefire way to get your cat to hate you!
Cool stuff! :D You have a really fun style, and I'm diggin your composition and colors. Keep it up!
November 25th, 2012
Ooh, really gorgeous work here! I'm loving the wistfulness of the lineart. <3 Looking forward to more~!
Oh man, it's been almost two weeks without a new page, I got so antsy. It shouldn't have taken so long, but I made some stupid mistakes along the way. xD On the brighter side,

@Pedes: Haha, thanks. P: Someone has to be in the story.
@Benikala: Yay, I'm glad you saw it. xD And patience! I can't go around dispensing plot points at will!
@Proxy1: Hey, thanks a bunch! C: Yes, Armand is a crafty one. Definitely a Traveler worth his salt.
Yay! New page New page! Sorry if there any mistakes. @_@ I'll fix it later! I'm late for class!!!

@Anii: Haha, so suspenseful! P: Thanks~
@Flaffy: Thank you! And yes, I think the interrobang should be more appreciated!
@SkullzMelody: I like to think Saint has his moments, lol. <3 Hmm, gosh! Who knows what'll happen?
@Blythe: Ah, to have found true love via punctuation~!
@Pachurz: Hi there! :D Welcome! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself so far. It's gonna be a wild ride, so hold on tight! xD
@Skriptkitty: It needs to be brought back. P:
November 13th, 2012
Ooh, love the artwork~ :D
8D Well, at least we have a resourceful cast...

BTW, we have a Gallery now~! A nice, pretty wing of the CloverHouse dedicated illustrations, sketches, and other art contributed by the readers of SfR and yours truly. <3

I'm a bit behind on work right now so no Saint Walker right now. When it appears it'll be in the gallery! X'D

@Benikala: Well I can't very well give that away, hmm? ;D
@SkullzMelody: Oh man, wait 'til we have 8-10 of them running around. Won't that be something? :D Haha, thank you kindly. And feel free to let me know if any of the animations aren't working for you. I'm still trying to get the hang of it. :D
@MadMindInk: An IKEA special, I imagine!
@wr4ith0: Thanks! :D
Well hello again everyone!
Ahh, this page was stop-and-go for a long time, but I'm glad it's finally done! :'D Enjoy!

Lots of important news for "Saint for Rent," today:

You can now find "Saint for Rent" on InkOUTBREAK and Comic Rocket! :D So if you have accounts there, please add us and spread the word!

And we have a new affiliate in the links section, Children of the Night by Catarina Sarmento! :D Hooray, check her out sometime, yes?

The Smackjeeves Awards are up! Remember to nominate and vote for your fave comics on SJ! And... although SfR is 6 pages away from qualifying right now, we'll definitely have 30+ by Dec 30th, if anybody has the wild notion of nominating it for anything... x'D

I think that's everything for now. (oDo)/ See you later!

@Benikala: What can I say, we just have a very attractive main cast! ;D And Saint as Allen Walker -- please check in next update for a link to that! x'D
Well I dunno, Armand seemed to be holding it off like veteran, whereas Saint's all spirit, no skill. xD
@SkullzMelody: Oh hey there! :D Welcome to the CloverHouse. It's not as warm as Holle, but I'm glad you've taken a liking to it, hahaha~ And I'm super happy the 3 main characters are making a good first impression on ya! I'm glad the design element in SfR is pleasing sofar, too~. Hopefully the story won't be too confusing, what with time travel and all, but I'll give this my all! (Famous last words.) "Holle Kings" won't be back to updating until early next year while I work on "Saint for Rent" for now, but thank you for staying invested in both. :)
October 18th, 2012
Pfthahahaha, omfg, this is so cute. xD Sasha is adorbs. He reminds me of Tom Hiddleston, a little. xD
Ooh, finally got a chance to read this! :D Looks promising so far. I'm enjoying your clean lines, and I think you can push your backgrounds even more to make your environments even better! :D
AHH, and there goes Saint! How many more young men should we throw off the second floor?

@Kyourin: LOL! It's been a delight reading your comments. I'm glad you're so sympathetic to Saint's baking plights, and be assured there will be more silly Saint and Armand moments to come.
@Benikala: Oh, I'm not even gonna go into ships for the moment, haha. ;D Too early.
@neonmalice: Thanks! :D I'm glad you're enjoying it so far!
@Pedes: Hmm, a tall order! I'll see what I can do. ;(
@laurbits: Hey! Thank you for you kind comments! <3 I'm so happy you're enjoying the little animated parts hehe~!
@ItsMeAlis: Hi there! :D Thank you, and welcome to the CloverHouse! <3
@Anii: Thank you! <3
Well, you said you were handling the situation, tough guy.

@Benikala: You're gonna see a lot of Armands running around in this story. :P
@Kittogo Nashumi: Eheheh, I imagine Armand would make a terrible companion.
Well guys, I am officially out of backlogged pages. :'D Time to make more comics. Wish me luck!

Benikala: Indeed. 8)