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A casual artist, I hope by creating comics I will be forced to draw things I normally wouldn't and learn to improve my art. You can find me on deviantart as NaniRoxy.

Disclaimer: All Games, Shows, Characters, Stories, Books, Brands, Songs, and Names I use that aren't my own creation belong to their respectful owners.
(Owners of such will be mentioned when time arises)
My own Comic
Hey guys! Though SOIRebirth has been canceled for a long time, those who are still seeking for something to read can always pop by my original comic series, SwitchOut! You can read it all here!
I apologize for the inconvenience, but for me to continue this comic under the... current circumstances with Simon would be distasteful.
sheesh, you try to tell someone you've brought the dead to life and they act like you're crazy.
WHOOPS Accidentally uploaded this to the wrong comic! Meanwhile, a dwarf sees 80% leg.
Sorry for the delay! I got super sick all week but I am getting better now!
Ngghhh, I spent too much time on this page. I’m sorry for the really bad background, I’m not very good at nature things.
Sorry, I have finished recovering from burnout now.
@willky7: I apologize if this scene is a little off putting. The yog community I'm in encourages taking advantage of creative outlets. There are many different ideas for alien xephos floating about.
If it helps, I can promise it's not a dominating trait of the story.
@Drizzt123: I forgot to change that, I have removed all minecraft aspects from the storyline a while ago. XD the world is now named Skaonia
EUCK ok the art starts off really bad but bare with me.

I've gotten into the first pages of chapter 2, but some of my readers hate reading off tumblr and deviantart, so I thought I'd open up an option here! ovo I apologize for the spam as I mass upload around 50 or so pages.

I hope all you new readers enjoy!
I apologize for the weeks of delay with no notification. I was experimenting with a webcomic idea that would have a wider audience, but it messed with my update schedual. I will try to resume my weekly posts now.
My Monitor has been tweaked and my pages appear much brighter then I had wanted. I'm experimenting with new colors to try and fix things.
This page was sponsered by Zazuzen/Grvmm! Thank you for your support!
The official update should be up later today or tomorrow morning.
Heeyyyy look who hasn't been updating *shot*
Sorry, few days late.
All the pages have been boring I feel so I've been trying new views. Experimental flashback page~
Probably the most rush job page ever. I caught a terrible flu so I had to try and do this whole page in a single day. There are many things on here I'm not proud of.
Sorry for the week pause. Also, I might have a background artist to help me out a bit so heads up for a change.
so terraria updated this week....
Sorry, was delayed due to the fact someone stole my book bag (and all the chapter's storyboards)