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omg i can't stand popcorn with no salt. grr
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i've never chopped off my hand with a cutter before, but i have occasionally sliced off the tips of my fingers, chunks of flesh, and most of the surface of my desk.
it's like an architecture student joke. we all "compete" to see who gets the least sleep. you say "i only got 2 hours of sleep last night!" and someone else says "you SLEPT?!"
i need to quit disappearing on you :( i don't know why i do it. maybe i like the attention. maybe i like to pretend i'm mysterious and enigmatic (or something). maybe i'm just too busy reading spider man comics... actually, thats probably it. also i'm facebook addicted now. help me :(

request more panels! the more the merrier :P but for every extra panel you request you have to get me a chocolate icecream. with cookies. and a baby deer.
cuteeeeeee :3
this isnt funny. the REALLY funny thing is that i thought this was hilarious! haha!
oh hey so i changed the layout and stuff :P i hope you dont mind Stan you can change it if you want just anything except the default layout, cuz that was making me cry

page 5. so like, the next one.... now i need the rest of the script :(
i love ushi <33333
she's totally rad
oooooo the first panel is so purdy.


thanks for the welcome back karasune :D i missed you, sunshine <333

oh! i get it
i like this page :D
lol look who's talking, daisuke :P
so much LOVE for this comic <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<3333333333333333
aaah you're embarrassing me! :P

but thanks lol...when are ya gonna send me the rest of the script ya goof? :D
""literally have more weight behind their feeings" LOL x a million and one

i love you. you know that? no, really. i love you. (really)
OH if you wanna do perspectives you need to do a focal point/vanishing point and thats where all the lines go but i cant explain it in writing.... there's like 1-point and 2-point and different types of perspectives and whatever

maybe these'll help:
February 11th, 2007
this page is so crap
the kitchen sink is like ENORMOUS :O

YEA, so like my classes were screwed up and I only had like 9 credits and I had to go and talk to a couple people and stuff and now i'm taking pre-calculus when i should be taking structure 2 or something like that...

uh, anyway, thats it.