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The artist of procrastination.
@kyo-chan: yeah seriously. Sadly I've never tried having on Rp account, I'm too nervous to try that stuff, even tho' I wanna give it a shot.
@kyo-chan: Right?? Tumblr will successfully distract you from anything and prevent you from getting anything done.
So what's up?
Tumblr is a bad place to be lost in really. And Animal crossing isn't helping keeping me focused.

But I was waiting for someone to update because I have no idea who's going next. I guess just whoever wants to go can update next, because I got nuthin' yet.
Who's next anyway? I don't have any other comic, I'm waiting for something else to happen.
I honestly liked the version without the black box there, but people get offended by chest fat sacks so the breasts that actually turned out pretty darn ok and not deformed are censored for people's virgin eyes.

I didn't realize right away, but it's oddly (in)appropriate for the 69th comic.
Nothing says "I like you" like throwing your naked drunk self at the guy you sorta like-hate.

Honestly, as pretty as Vulpine is, Nahuel is not fond of sexual harassment no matter how cute the girl or guy is. The first few times she does this, N would probably get super upset and flustered before trying to get her out of his apartment or get away from her.

Then by the 7th time he doesn't even care anymore, just "Oh hey, I see your drunk off your ass again." then casually leaves to get a blanket and throw it over her and wait for her to pass out before taking her back to Kade and Leroux.

"I believe this belongs to you."
@moe2311: Ah ha ah ha ah ha....
I've got too many ideas, there's no way in heck I can draw this all out, frick I'm creating his whole freggin' life story dude this is not cool, I'm just writing this stuff down instead.
Oh wow, nice work with her redesign, she looks totally awesome!
N: *flips off back while backtracking into the room*

Oh, well let me go check that out.
N: Yeah that's a really weird way to use "Patience"in a sentence. Learn some grammar!
@Yuna_Haruka: Ok. u v u

N: Like I said, when I'm good and ready. You'll just have to be a little patient then.
@Yuna_Haruka:I'm so sorry but after the chat yesterday I've had this idea in my head since. Forgive my stupid slips of the hand.

N: I'll bring my ass down when I feel like it! In the meantime you can kiss it!!
Oooh nice, can't wait to see their full designs! O v O
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So hey, I think I might change Takashi and Eve's names, I guess just to fit their place of birth more accurately I guess.
@kyo-chan: Oh man, tumblr is a dangerous place. Once it's got you, you're caught and there is no way of getting out.
@moe2311: I've been thinking about that. Maybe I will, but perhaps little by little so I don't flood anybody with silly character angst or stuff.
Yes, he straightens his hair.
I had a bad day today

So enjoy a very pretty royal Takashi from his childhood.

He always did think the jewelry got in the way of things, but heck if he still didn't want to keep it. It was real gold and so shiny.
Wow Takashi, you're such a bad brother.

Snoozing on the job and loosing your little sister.

'Ain't you slow on the uptake?
Wow Atty you lil' piece o shit you're no help at all.