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Hey, my name is Bobby and I am the author of the comic "The Sonic and Knuckles Series." I am also the brother of the one who makes the sonic comic "Kirbys of the Alternate Dimension." My comic is completely different, and it has a great storyline in my opinion. I am a Sonic, Mario, Bleach, and Naruto fan, and my absolute favorite game is Halo: Reach. So, anyway, enjoy my comic.
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What do you mean by spoilers?
I actually like this storyline now. By the way, Lugbzurg, sorry about me raging about this storyline back in 2009. I was being immature.
I don't even know why Tails would pick Knuckles in the first place.
Shadow: Thank God he's not in the lab anymore, he should have been taken to that mental hospital a long time ago.
Yes Lugbzurg, I finally updated my comic.
An epic battle is about to begin!

By the way, sorry I haven't updated in so long, but I'll be updating twice a week now on Wednesdays and Saturdays!
I like the special effects when Shadow is teleporting in.
If I did, that wouldn't make it a good comic.
You'll find out soon.
That's the name it has on Sonic Battle, I didn't make up the name. The comic is funny because Tails named it Buster Cannon instead of Energy Ball, which led to Sonic saying this.
Haha that's definitely not it.
So what does he want revenge for? Guess we'll find out soon...
I wonder who the Dark Lord is? Will Sonic and Tails defeat Chrome Sonic? Will I ever stop asking questions?
You'll just have to find out!
Looks like Sonic wants to go "back" to Angel Island! Ha Ha, get it? Anyone? No?

By the way, sorry for not updating for so long. I'll try to update more often.
Dude, his name is the GRIM Reaper. And yes they're protecting the master emerald by going to the Darkness Dimension, because if they fought on Angel Island, then their would be explosions everywhere and it would eventually lead to Angel Island's destruction. The Grim Reaper needs time to prepare, so he can't go to Angel Island just yet.
But would you know what was going on if you weren't my brother?
This is for those of you who didn't understand the plot, even though it's pretty obvious...
It's pronounced Hai-AY-tus. The absolute truth. And I've heard someone say it before. Here's a link.